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Textfree APK
Textfree APK

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Textfree APK – A Complete Guide

You’re looking for the latest textfree apk? Well, look no more! We’ve got it right here. Keep reading…

Mobile apps have become integral part of our lives. We use them to do anything under the sun.

What is Textfree APK?

TextFree apk is another one of those great apps that let you make free calls and send free messages over the internet. It is available to iOS, Android, Blackberry and desktop platforms. Using TextFree you can chat with your friends for free over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data connections .

It’s also possible to other users through SMS short codes. The best part is that all the texts are routed via TextFree servers, so there are no costs involved to the user.

TextFree is beneficial for people living in places where call rates are high or have limited length of texts for their monthly plan. It’s also great way to stay in touch with friends who are out of your calling area, or simply can’t afford a calling plan.

Textfree unlimited minutes apk

Get free Textfree unlimited minutes apk here. We’ve got you covered with the latest version of this app.

Note: If you are using Textfree Unlimited minutes apk for business, don’t use it because you will make your company name in spam list and hardly get messages from customers.

The main features of textfree include:

Free texting (SMS) to phones in US and Canada

Free texting via Textfree numbers anywhere else in the world. Additional countries are available for purchase

A free phone number of your choosing, without ads

Free Texting (SMS) even on devices that don’t have the app installed – just SMS directly from browser or device’s native messaging application. You can unsubscribe from the paid version using your Amazon account.

The language of this app is English and can be downloaded to Android phones running Android 1.6+ or any other phone that supports java jar mobiles including Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS or Palm OS.

TextFree Unlimited Minutes App Download

We have prepared the textfree unlimited minutes apk for you. Your download starts automatically. Just click on the textfree unlimited minutes apk and enjoy using it!

It is very easy to use, install and uninstall as well:

  1. Click on Download button. Wait for few seconds to load file. 2. Click on Install button present in installer page, if you are using Android Phone to install this application. 3. Open the textfree application or navigate to app drawer and there you have it!

Please note, TextFree Unlimited Minutes App is not sponsored by or affiliated with Google Play Store, so they cannot provide technical support for installation of this apk file. We hope TextFree Unlimited Minutes Apk Download will be helpful.

text free apk download android

TextFree Unlimited Minutes Apk Download is here. Just click on the download button and start using TextFree Unlimited Minutes App

How to install Textfree apk?

Click on below link to download Textfree apk file.    Click on text free apk android to begin download of textfree app for android phones. It will begin with

text free download for pc

If you are interested in text free download for pc or looking for text free download for laptop, then we have got you covered.

How to install and use Textfree on Mac?

Click the link below to download the latest version of Textfree APK file:    Download Now    Double click on downloaded file and follow instructions to install it on your computer.

textfree apk offline use

Textfree apk apk download is available to you at any time. You just have to click on textfree apk and start using it.

How to Use TextFree on Mac:

Open the file and drag and drop application in Application folder.

Double click on application to open.

Click on continue button to begin using Textfree without internet connection.

TextFree Unlimited Minutes App Download is here for your help. You can use it whenever you want to or need it. Just click on download text free apk file and start using it! Enjoy!

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