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Take Advantage of Mobile Money Transfer with WorldRemit Promo Code
Take Advantage of Mobile Money Transfer with WorldRemit Promo Code


Take Advantage of Mobile Money Transfer with WorldRemit Promo Code

The digital age has made our lives more convenient. Sending money has become easier these days, thanks to online remittance sites like Western Union, PayPal, and even your banks. Instead of spending some time lining up in a bank to have your money delivered to your loved ones, downloading mobile money transfer apps as WorldRemit saves you from the hassle. But not all of these services guarantee savings, unlike when you use a WorldRemit promo code in your money transfers.

A Brief Guide to Mobile Money

Mobile money is a term that is being bandied about lately wherein your mobile phone gets to store electronic money for later use. It is often referred to as a mobile wallet that holds your funds until you need them. This is a popular alternative for many users across the globe since it is easy to use, plus your money is secured.

This technology works like so:

  • The mobile wallet will typically be linked to your current mobile number, serving as the account number. This service is often offered by mobile network providers, which means their terms and conditions can vary.
  • Your digital wallet lets you store, send, and use your digital cash when needed. You can use your wallet to pay for your child’s tuition fees, your bills, and even your airtime top-up too.
  • You can cash out your funds too with authorized agents.

There are some perks to using this type of service when transferring or storing money, such as:

  • Direct service.

Transferring from one bank to another usually requires an intermediary or a third party to conduct the transfer. They may take a cut from the money that you will send, which can be frustrating. Mobile money ditches the middleman.

  • Convenient to use.

Just like with online banking, mobile money is convenient to use. Since the program is downloaded and installed on your phone, you can send money anytime you want. All that you have to do is to open the app and start sending funds.

  • Low fees.

Another reason why people are turning to mobile money transfers is that their transaction fees are cheaper compared to banks. This means more savings to you, the sender, where you can put the extra funds into the money you will send to your loved ones.

  • Fast transaction time.

Mobile money completes the transaction within minutes compared to bank transfers that can take a few days for the money to be credited. There are instances when the speed will take longer than a few minutes depending on the country and third-party vendors, but it will not be as long as banks.

  • Secure service.

Bank transfers are often used because of their security system, but this is also the same with mobile money. WorldRemit’s mobile money service uses safety and security measures to ensure that all data passing through its system will be kept safe from outside users.

With these perks in mind, you might want to try out how mobile money transfer will work for you.

Why WorldRemit Mobile Money is Good for You

WorldRemit is not only available on your computer, but you can also download their mobile money transfer app on your phone. Their application is free to download regardless of your phone. You can look for it in Google Play or Apple Store. Once you have installed it on your device, you can easily send money to anyone.

What makes this platform a good choice for you?

  • Instant transfers.

WorldRemit mobile money app helps you send funds in an instant. They give you their guarantee that your money will be made available within 10 minutes or at least a day depending on what option you chose. You can use it to top up airtime, transfer to another bank, or even send directly to their mobile wallet.

  • View exchange rates in real-time.

The problem with sending money via banks is that their exchange rates are typically low. This is frustrating for many who want to send more to their families. One way that WorldRemit excels is the fact that they give you real-time information on current exchange rates. You can use this to determine when the best time is to send funds to your loved ones to get more value out of them. You can choose to be notified whenever a new exchange rate is available not to miss out.

  • Monitor transfers.

Who doesn’t want to know where their money is? Downloading this service means keeping track of the funds you have sent to your loved ones to see if they have received them or not. You will receive updates on the current whereabouts of your digital money, which gives you the peace of mind that it is safe during the transaction.

  • Secure platform.

Understandably, you will feel worried about using mobile money transfers. Still, with the WorldRemit mobile money app, you can have peace of mind knowing that your recipient will receive your money promptly. The company adheres to the rules and regulations imposed in various countries to ensure the safety and security of its customers.


  • Coupons.

Another reason why this money transfer application is a good choice for you is because of the discounts that you can enjoy. You can start with their Refer a Friend program that gives you and your friends discount vouchers when they sign up. You will be given a personal referral code that you can send to family and friends. When they create an account with WorldRemit and send the required amount, you and your referred friend will receive a discount voucher credited to your accounts. You can use them the next time you send money. Additionally, there are promo codes that are available online too. These can be entered at the checkout page to give you additional discounts, thus saving you more money in the process.

The WorldRemit mobile money app saves you time and effort when sending money to your loved ones back home since you can do all these transactions with just your mobile phone. You only need to have an internet connection to use this service, plus it will only take you a couple of minutes.

How to Use WorldRemit Discount Codes

As mentioned before, it is possible to save more when you use WorldRemit to transfer funds to your loved ones. Though this remittance service has cheaper service fees, there is nothing wrong with wanting to save more, right?

The good news is that you can get discount codes for every person you refer to this site and complete the requirements for the voucher to be released. Aside from that, you can also look for online deal finders like CouponApprove, who will have a list of available promo codes.

So, how can you use these deals?

  • Copy the code from your WorldRemit account or CouponApprove.
  • Login to your WorldRemit account and proceed with transferring the desired amount to your recipient. Choose the option on how the money will be sent, the amount to be delivered, and the recipient’s details.
  • Look for the text Enter Promo Code and click on the (+) sign next to it. This will open the text box where the promo should be pasted or entered manually. Click on Apply to redeem the discount.
  • Double-check the total price to see if the discount has been applied before proceeding to the payment.

These offers will run for a limited time only, but the best part is that there will always be new codes that you can take advantage of to reduce your transfer fees. All you have to do is double-check CouponApprove’s site from time to time to see what’s available.

When sending money to your loved ones, you will want a service that you can trust. Using your bank’s services is all well and good, but if the high fees and low currency rates are putting you off, you will need to look for an alternative. WorldRemit lets you send your money wherever, whenever, without making you spend more on high transaction fees.

Their service has the cheapest fees compared to other money transfers, which is why using their mobile money app is not a bad idea. Aside from being free to download, their application is easy to use and will give you complete control over how you want your money to be sent. The best part? Since it is downloaded and installed on your phone, you can take it with you wherever you go. With just a few taps on your device, you can care for your family’s needs even from a distance.

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