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Switch to Online Delivery and Boost Sales
Switch to Online Delivery and Boost Sales


Switch to Online Delivery and Boost Sales: 5 Proven Tips for Restaurants

In the post-Covid world, ordering food online has gained increasing acceptance among restaurant customers. Diners no longer want to visit restaurants and take the chance of getting contracted with the infection. As per the findings by ReportLinker, the online food delivery services market globally is expected to grow from $115.07 billion in 2020 to $126.91 billion in 2021 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.3%.

5 top tips for boosting online sales at your restaurant

Let’s go through how your restaurant can make the most out of the rising demand for online food delivery.

Have your own website and mobile app –

Develop your own website and mobile app where diners can order directly from your restaurant. Add details such as the time of delivery operations, contact numbers, your menu with all the dishes, offers and discounts etc.

Tie up with third party delivery services –

As per the study conducted by Zion & Zion, 63% of young adults use third party delivery apps. Thus, get into tie-ups with third party food delivery platforms such as Swiggy and Zomato and experience an enormous increase in your sales.

Have a robust social media presence –

Publicise your delivery services on restaurant’s official social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Include the web links to your restaurant’s ordering website as well.

Manage orders using technology –

Managing orders from multiple sources such as website, mobile apps and third party platforms can be quite cumbersome. No worries as a restaurant billing software aids you in getting rid of this problem. The digital restaurant management software Inresto POS can help you streamline the huge flow of orders effortlessly.

Run promotion campaigns –

Keep your customers informed on the various discount offers at your restaurant. It can be done by sending timely push notifications, e-mails and SMSs.

Parting Words

To make up for the lost sales at your restaurant, online delivery can help you significantly. By offering amazing food and excellent service, you can carve a niche of your own in this space. In addition to that following the above 5 tips will help boost your sales enormously.

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