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Natural Macadamia Oil And Macadamia Nuts On Wooden Board
Natural Macadamia Oil And Macadamia Nuts On Wooden Board
Natural macadamia oil and Macadamia nuts on wooden board

Health Care

Some Incredible & Savvy Uses For Macadamia Oil 

Macadamia oil is one of the most sought after and fanciful extracts on the market. Borne from the nut of the same name, the plant is native to Australia, but it’s now grown all over the world as well as being produced commercially by several countries such as Hawaii and South Africa. 

Macadamia oil has been gaining popularity for its many uses because of its high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) like oleic acid and palmitoleic acid, which help keep skin healthy and youthful looking. This incredibly enriched and nourishing oil has been used in a wide variety of capacities over the years in various ways. 

While many have attested to its wide flexibility in the kitchen and for recipes, there have been no end of studies conducted and experimentation in the beauty industry as to the naturally occurring benefits that reside in macadamia oil, taking advantage of the nourishing and naturally occurring elements that make it such a popular item. 

Macadamia oil has so many uses that we’re dedicating an entire article about it because you should also know the wonderful benefits of such an incredible extract. While it shares a remarkable similarity with other extracts like that found from avocado, macadamia oil has a lot going for it in terms of overall benefits, availability, pricing and utility – making it one of the beauty industry’s best kept secrets. 

Uses In Cooking

Macadamia oil is of course a popular item to have in the kitchen pantry, it’s a little denser and more enriched than your standard cooking agents, but the nutty aroma and flavourful intensity are hard to walk past for many people. The high levels of monounsaturated fats make it a wonderful fuel for healthy hearts as well as the slew of antioxidants that are naturally peppered in the chemical profile. 

The consumption and use of macadamia oil has been commonplace for generations, while there are few and far on the supermarket shelves, the rare nut has allowed a variety of recipes to be healthily bolstered with good and fatty natural acids and proteins that allow for a wonderfully delicious and healthy treat. 

Many people have noted that using macadamia oil as a replacement for vinegar in salad dressings has added a wonderfully nutty zest to their meals, and the already bolstered presence of vitamins and minerals makes it a hearty replacement for the more acidic alternatives. 

Another wonderfully decadent use of macadamia oil is in stir fry, when using a hot pan and the right meat, the combination of flavours can be an incredible and unforgettable sensation and one that adds a tremendous flavourful palate to a relatively simple and droll dish.

Using it in roasts is not out of the ordinary either, with macadamia oil providing a wonderful coating for chickens or pork when roasting at high temperatures. The aromatic pleasantries alone are worth it, especially when you further add the nutritional value that is already present in macadamia oil. 

A sneaky sidenote: Using macadamia oil as a replacement for butter in your baking is known to work wonders for flavours and overall health when compared to the typical nutritional value of butter, as there are a number of wonderful recipes available online that showcase this use in action. 

Uses In Skincare

Macadamia oil is not just for cooking of course, as time has gone on, there have been a number of products that have used the ingredient as a principal aspect or even as a carrier for more potent essentials. Either way, the wonderfully light and absorbent substance has a few key points and uses for homemade skincare regimens. 

While many people will claim this and that about all sorts of products online, the largely anecdotal evidence will remain off this article, instead, we will go over a few of the more topical treatments and benefits.

Due to macadamia oil being so naturally high in Vitamin E, it stands to reason that this promotes a healthier feel and natural glow for the skin if applied in moderation. While the use of it alone is not enough to give your body the care it sorely deserves, it is a wonderful base to have in terms of the vitamin E content of the body and can be a wonderful occasional booster for the vitamin levels of the skin. 

That being said, the thickness of the residue can lead to clogging of the pores if used too regularly or for those with a particularly sensitive skin profile, so it’s always recommended to have a test first before incorporating it fully into your skincare regime. 

The wonderfully usable extract is a natural way of removing makeup without the unnecessary chemicals or drying ingredients that often permeate the industry. The acids and vitamins present are a natural deterrent for makeup woes and allow for a cleanup that is cleansing, enriched, and easy. A lot of spas are opting to use massage ointments with macadamia oil as a base – this is for its ease of use on the skin and overall vitamin enriching benefits. 

If you’re feeling particularly experimental, there are a number of sites with recipes for homemade skincare lotions and creams that utilise the naturally occurring superpowers of macadamia oil and allow for a more diluted benefit to be attained. A particular favourite is the use of macadamia oil in a face cream or cleanser, as the potent amount of palmitoleic acid brings out the very best of your skin as the fatty acid is born and bred for being a superfood for the epidermis. 

As the presence of acids such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, and palmitoleic acid brings about a hydrating feeling for the skin like nothing else, and its generally light feel and consistency allows it to be mixed easily with a variety of established products, macadamia oil is a wonderful addition for any skincare arsenal and is highly recommended for you to try and experiment with. 

Of course, if you have a tree nut allergy, it’s best to avoid macadamia oil. 

Uses In Haircare

The aforementioned presence of vital fatty acids and vitamins have already led us to the conclusion that the use of macadamia oil in hair is a win-win for anyone. There are already several examples of haircare brands choosing the extract as a crucial ingredient in their line of products as it has a remarkable relationship with hair follicles and maintaining scalp health overall. 

While the presence of any unwavering benefits is more anecdotal, the vitamins that are contained in macadamia oil lends most people to believe that the use of it in conditioning agents or regimens can only help hair health, whether it be in the form of strengthening or enriching the follicles themselves or leaving a robust and beautifully decadent feel in the hair after treatment. 


While macadamia oil has been around for generations, we are still collectively discovering new and exciting uses for it as time goes on. With the rise of natural ingredients and the importance of cutting down chemically laden intake, it should come as no surprise to see macadamia oil becoming the star of many shows, in the kitchen, the bathroom, and in the general day-to-day. 

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