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Sola Wood Flowers Bouquets
Sola Wood Flowers Bouquets


Sola Wood Flowers Bouquets- Easily accessible

When you talk about recent times, an alternative to every naturally available thing is available. Sola wood flowers made using wood bark are a great example. These flowers are sustainable and an eco-friendly alternative to cut flowers. Sola wood is made from a marshy plant’s renewable wood (not to misunderstand cassava or tapioca). Sola wood flowers look like real flowers and also last a lifetime. You can DIY sola wood flower bouquets also to gift your loved ones.

What is Sola Wood Flowers?

Sola wood flowers are made from a plant called Aeschynomene aspera (commonly called “Sola”). This plant grows wild in march areas as it grows quickly, so it is a renewable resource and one of the lightest known woods. Moreover, sola flowers in bulk are also cost effective.

Sola plant has a layer of bark that covers its internal, cork-like center. This bark is stripped, and then thin sheets are made using the center. These sheets are then hand-cut that are used to make flowers.

 How are sola flowers made?

You must be wondered how thin sheets made using bark can turn into flowers? Every single flower is created by hands without using any machine. The flower petals are hand-cut from the delicate sola bark sheets, and then they are composed to create realistic flowers.

Sola flowers are dyed according to the color the one has desired. For dyeing sola flowers, different paints are used by dipping flowers in them or by applying with a brush. Hence, making sola flowers in bulk is no more difficult.

These flowers are also scented according to the demand. Freshen your homes and offices; placing a scented sola flowers bouquet is an inexpensive alternative without being worried about the expiry.

There is no need to worry if your sola flowers are losing their perfect shape because reshaping them is very easy. You need to spray warm or room temperature water on them, and after they got wet, you can shape them with your hands. That feeling of giving life to these flowers will make you happier. Once you have reshaped them, let them dry for some hours. The overall sola wood flower bouquet DIY is easily accessible to all.

Sola Wood Flowers Bouquet for your Wedding

When you have organized every single detail of your wedding, a bouquet that goes with your bridal dress and also for your bride-maids is also the important thing to be considered.

Buying a classic bridal bouquet is expensive and also will die in few days. They can get messy as well as can attract insects (if you are getting married outdoor). You can make your wedding bouquets even before weeks or months of your wedding day without being worried about their expiry. Hence, sola wood flower bouquet DIY can be quite helpful.

For decorating big venues for weddings, sola flowers can be used to cost less and are durable and reusable.


Opting for this eco-friendly and lifetime-long option to decor your place and to gift your loved ones is the smartest decision you can take. To remind them yourself by looking at these sola flowers bouquet for a long time, you should try.

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