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Small Bathroom Décor Ideas for a Better Overall Performance
Small Bathroom Décor Ideas for a Better Overall Performance

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Small Bathroom Décor Ideas for a Better Overall Performance

Bathroom renovation projects tend to be challenging, and if you’ve got a small space, you would need to spend more time on it to get everything balanced. However, it shouldn’t make you dreadful of even attempting this. Timely upgrades and necessary design enhancements can save you from lots of troubles. Plus, you will not have to deal with a space that could potentially offer many things only if you were ready. So, don’t worry about the size. Even in limited square footage, you can achieve lots with intelligent planning and execution of ideas. Don’t you agree? Here are few suggestions to give some hints.

Wall-mounted toilets

A small bathroom usually craves more space. An additional one to two inches also suddenly looks useful. In that context, imagine what you can do to keep its floor area free to create a sense of spaciousness. One of the easy designs is a wall-mounted or floating toilet. If you like advanced features, you can search for ones with automatic lid closing systems. The hands-free comfort can be a significant value-addition. If the wall area is not sufficient, you can choose the floor designs. But make sure to build shelves above the tank for extra storage. Your focus should be on optimizing whatever little scope you find. Thus, keep exploring the walls and nooks until you get total satisfaction.


Soaking tubs are in trend. People want to spend some time in a pool of soothing cool or warm water to get rid of their day-long tiredness, muscle aches, and stress. For tiny bathrooms, bathtubs are nothing more than a luxury. At the same time, it is a space-wasting effort. Even though you choose the smallest option in this, this feature will occupy a larger floor area, which can prove expensive for your size of the bathroom. You can make your life easy and enjoyable by going for fancy showers, though. Or, if you are wondering about kid’s comfort, look for a low-profile tub that allows hassle-free movement in and out of it. The room can still feel open.

If you choose a shower, you must ditch shower curtains for a frameless glass panel. It will be more hygienic, easy-to-maintain, and glamorous. Glass panel configurations can vary from hinged doors to fixed ones. You can select from them based on the layout.

Sinks and vanities

You can find elegant sinks with vanity for a tiny bathroom in plenty. Like wall-mounted toilets, you can browse through the choice of floating vanity. Choose size and length as per space. If you have to settle with smaller cabinets or vanity units, don’t feel disheartened. Vessel sinks are there to remove all your worries. With them, you can still add a copious amount of oomph to your small space. As for surfaces, porcelain to ceramic to solid make some excellent options.

Cabinets and open shelves

Because you don’t have enough room, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise with storage. You cannot afford to take a risk with already cramped space. Any clutter can immediately ruin its purpose and beauty. That’s why you need to work on it. Look for recessed designs for medicine cabinets. You can install it above your sink. The cabinet can have mirrored door to double up its contribution. Besides, you can add shelves above flush tanks.

Pocket doors

As the decision to remove the tub, installing a surface-mounted sliding door can be pretty forgiving for limited space usage. You cannot incorporate this design in the shower area because of maintenance issues. But it can be an excellent thing for the entry door. Since swinging doors take more room, whether inside and outside, you can eliminate all the hassle with this more practical fixture.

Flooring and wall colors

Color can also impact the overall appearance of your bathroom. If you are aware, people avoid darker walls in tiny spaces to avoid the risk of creating a cramped look. They go with light tones as bright walls reflect more light and build a sense of a larger room. If you wanted to try a darker shade, you could apply it to flooring. Some bathrooms use wood flooring. It combines well with matching shower tiles while giving an illusion of continuity up to the walls. As a result, you tend to forget about the small size of the room.

Wall accents

It can be repetitive, but you don’t have to sacrifice your taste because of the size of the bathroom. You can always seek creative ideas to do something new and fresh. For example, you can include an accent wall in the toilet or shower area’s back wall. It can cover an entire wall or just a portion of it. It works wonders in terms of adding depth without looking overpowering.


With a vessel sink, you can expect to have enough free space on the vanity. You can use it to add an elegant soap dish, a tiny candle stand, or something decorative. If you need quick access to a few toiletries, you can buy an appropriate tray and place them in for a neat look. Once the renovation project is complete, you can look around all the nooks and corners to see if it is possible to add a houseplant, even if it means faux plant.

As you can sense, it doesn’t matter what space you have as long as you are ready to explore different opportunities and make the most of them. It doesn’t mean aspiring for a bigger space is wrong. But when you don’t have other options, it is better to pay attention to what you have and treat it well. With modern designs and devices, you have lots of freedom to organize your home in its best form. Still, you have to keep yourself open to ideas and pick from them for a unique experience. Also, it is essential to remember that a small bathroom may be easy to renovate with a small budget. The limited number of choices will keep you hooked on optimizing the simple features instead of adding frills.

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