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Sleep and Health
Sleep and Health

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Sleep and Health: The Best Mattresses That Fits You

Sleep is directly related to health. A person needs enough quality sleep at the right time to get an optimum health and quality of life. When you deprive yourself of sleep, you compromise your health, including your brain functions, physical performance, and well-being.

Your sleep depends on several factors; among those is the mattress that you sleep on. Sleeping on the right bed allows your body to rest, relax and calm your brain. And that makes you fall into deep and quality sleep.

To achieve this quality of sleep, you must know your health conditions and even your physical requirements so that you can choose the appropriate mattress that best fits your sleeping needs. Here are some types of the best mattress to use according to your health condition and physical need.

Mattress for Side Sleepers

If you are a side sleeper, you are one of those with the most common sleeping position, and side sleepers need a mattress that perfectly supports the contours of the body, especially the hip, shoulder, and neck.

These body parts are most vulnerable to pain and stress. Choosing the best mattress for side sleepers will give the benefit of reduced back pain or even no pain at all. This type of mattress also provides a cushion on the body parts heavily pressed into the bed. They are supported so that pain on pressure points are relieved.

Mattress for Back Pain

Being one of the major causes of physical disability, back pain costs Americans $50 billion in health care per year. This number rapidly grows, and the number of patients increases, especially if these conditions are not appropriately addressed early upon the onset of the pain.

Using a mattress for back pain will support the spine and help you sleep pain-free. It would be best to primarily consider spine alignment when choosing this bed, especially if you have this health issue. A medium-firm bed is proven to give comfort to your body and achieve a good night’s sleep. Avoid firm or squishy mattress because it will not provide appropriate support to your lower back and neck.

Latex Mattress

A latex mattress is suitable for people that are suffering from any allergy. A latex mattress comes from organic materials and uses minimal allergic causing synthetic additives. This type of mattress is also increasing in popularity because of its eco-friendly practices observed during its production process.

The hypoallergenic quality of this mattress and its pain-relieving support guarantee deep and quality sleep. A latex mattress also has a low maintenance attribute because of its antimicrobial property. And this means that latex foam repels harmful microorganisms that collect in bed like fungi, vermin, bacteria, etc. Thus it does not accumulate so quickly on the mattress; therefore, the foam does not need frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Mattress for Heavy Set Sleepers

A coil spring mattress matches the needs of people on the heavy side; however, if you happen to be among them, you can also choose other types of bed like the hybrid mattress or the memory mattress.

If you weigh around 230 pounds, you need to have a mattress that balances softness and firmness. A softer mattress may give you too much sinkage that will put stress on your shoulders and hips. These pains may lead to excessive pressure on the joints and muscles, resulting in pain. That’s why it is recommended to use the hybrid mattress for heavy set sleeper because it has a coil spring to give an extra cushion that supports your weight.

Mattress for Tall People

The standard length of the mattress ranges from 75 to 84 inches. Dimension of beds is essential in getting a good night’s sleep because you can never have one if the mattress fits otherwise. So that your height matters in buying a new mattress.

If you are over six feet tall, get a bed that measures 80 inches in length or above. Otherwise, if you get an unmatched bed length to your height, you will spend the night with feet dangling off the bed, or you will choose to curl to your side to fit. While if you are under six feet in height, you can opt for a bed with a length of 75 – 80 inches. This bed size will provide you enough space and does not consume much space in the room.

Having the best fit length of mattress will ensure that you can sleep comfortably in any position you want. And therefore, you will get sound and quality sleep from a comfortable sleep.


Your mattress is as essential as any other need for your good health. You will have compromised health when you do not have a good sleep. And good sleep comes from having the right mattress to sleep. So on your next buy, always know your body’s needs, your health condition, and even your physique so that you will get the best mattress that will provide you a good night’s sleep.

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