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Work Boots in Dangerous Workplace Environments
Work Boots in Dangerous Workplace Environments

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Significance of Work Boots in Dangerous Workplace Environments

Working in hazardous workplaces like mining sites and construction plants is a dangerous job. It requires workers who have the knowledge and skills to work in those kinds of areas. These sites also require employees to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). Personal protective equipment includes a helmet for head protection, goggles for eye protection, ear muffs for hearing protection, a high-visibility vest, chaps pants, gloves for hand protection, harness lanyard, and work boots for foot protection.

Among the list mentioned above of PPE, although each has its distinct characteristic and significance in working, work boots are among the most important items because a pair of safety shoes makes a huge difference when working in hazardous places. And if you’re looking for a good pair of safety shoes, then you better try Oliver work boots.

What are work boots?

Work boots or safety boots were invented in the early 20th century when industrial safety gear became demanding. Before work boots were fully required, they were only used when a worker has already been injured rather than for preventing accidents from happening in the first place. Work boots were introduced and started to become an essential part of the workplace to address this issue.

Safety boots are a special type of shoes made with a protective reinforcement at the front part of the shoes to make them more durable and protect the feet from dangerous debris that might fall on them in construction sites.

Oliver footwear

This brand is one of the leading footwear brands in Australia. They have a wide range of boot styles and designs that are perfect for both men and women. Their shoes are proven to be waterproof and can resist extreme work like mining, firefighting, metal casting. They are even used for recreational activities like hiking. Oliver work boots are built not just for the purpose of protecting the feet but also to provide comfort, especially when people have to wear them for a whole day at work.

Essential uses of Oliver work boots

  • One of the important uses of this type of boots is firefighting services. Being a firefighter is a dangerous job and requires proper attire to ensure their safety. The boots have a dual-density rubber sole made from leather that is not susceptible to fires. It is also water-resistant. The laces are fire-proof as well, and the user can easily slide their feet in and out of the shoes because they have quick-release zip closures. The boots also have a soft and comfortable cushion inside.
  • Work boots are also essential in metal casting and smelting. Aluminium smelting is another dangerous work. It is the process of extracting aluminium from its oxide. Extracting aluminium is useful because it is versatile and used to combine with other metals to create new products. It is also light and a good conductor of electricity. Usually, work boots are tested to determine if they can pass the dip test, wherein they are into an extremely hot alumina pot for about three seconds. The molten aluminium must not penetrate the boots to pass the test, and Oliver footwear can pass this standard, making it a very good option for metal smelting.
  • The work boots are also waterproof, which makes them perfect for underground mining. The boots can withstand extreme pressure in underground environments and, at the same time, still provide comfort.

It is always essential to wear the proper attire, especially when working in dangerous areas. Work boots are one of the essential parts of PPE because they offer great foot protection. If you’re looking for something both durable and comfortable, Oliver work boots offer both. They are ideal for extremely dangerous jobs like firefighting, aluminium smelting, and underground mining.

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