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Should You Get a White Sofa?

When selecting a sofa, one of the most prevalent queries is, “Should I choose a white sofa?” It’s right up there with “How do I choose between a sofa and a sectional?” Also, “Should I save money or splurge on a sofa?” and “Should I save money or splurge on a sofa?

Understandably, so many individuals have trouble selecting whether or not a white sofa is right for them. A white sofa is stylish, trendy, and a look we all adore seeing on Instagram and Pinterest, so we get it. However, it appears to be a complicated purchase to make, not to mention one that will be difficult to maintain.

A white couch (or other white furniture) can appear to be a disaster waiting to happen, similar to white jeans. And, if you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on a sofa, do you want something you’re always worried about staining or spilling coffee or wine on? After all, a big-ticket item like a sofa isn’t like a pillow that you can replace quickly.

However, there are other benefits to investing in a white sofa. One example is its ability to mix in with any type and style of furniture and decor and open up and lighten the space.

Here are some things to think about before buying a white sofa to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Is a white sofa suitable for your lifestyle?

White sofas can feel like a design risk since they appear to be only a spill away from being permanently damaged.

So think about whether a white sofa will fit into your lifestyle: do you have dinner on your sofa frequently? Do you enjoy curling up on the sofa with a bottle of red wine? Consider whether your lifestyle and habits are compatible with owning a white couch. For example, you probably don’t want a white sofa if you wouldn’t buy white jeans.

What will happen to your white sofa?

Suppose you’re working with a formal living room that your family rarely uses. In that case, a white sofa is an attractive choice because it’s not a room you use every day, so it’ll be low-maintenance.

On the other hand, if this is a sofa for the family room, think about how you will utilize it on a daily basis. Do you have any children? If that’s the case, what are their ages and personalities like? Will they remember to take care of your white sofa? Or will they treat a white sofa as if it were their new canvas? Consider your family members and how they act daily.

White sofas, in general, may work better in families with older children or little children who are delicate with furniture. However, if that doesn’t sound like your family, don’t worry—there are still ways to incorporate a white sofa into your home.

Are your pets ready to sit on a white sofa?

Another consideration is whether or not you have pets. Consider the color of their fur as well as their personality. For example, is it your dog’s habit to roll around in the mud before cuddling up on your comfortable 2-seater sofa? If that’s the case, a white sofa is probably not for you.

If your dog or cat has white fur and frequently sheds, on the other hand, a white couch might help disguise their fur, but you’ll want to use slipcovers to make cleaning easier on yourself.

How much upkeep are you willing to put up with?

You’re probably in good shape to take on a white sofa if you’re the type who washes your sofa cover frequently, regardless of color. However, suppose you simply adore the look of a white sofa and believe you can keep it clean by not spilling or dirtying it as much as possible. In that case, a white couch may not be the best choice.

There’s no disputing that white sofas take more cleaning, but the question is whether you’re prepared to do it regularly. It’s a personal choice, but one you should consider carefully.

Do you want slipcovers?

Cleaning your white sofa is unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. If you have your heart set on a white sofa and are willing to put in the effort, a slipcover that is easy to clean is a great option. Of course, a white slipcovered couch will give you the same pristine aesthetic. And it will make upkeep much easier because the cover can be removed and washed.

Make sure to acquire two sets of slipcovers, to begin with, because they are detachable and machine washable. You can pull out the other one while the first is being washed. Consider using several shades of white slipcovers to provide a little variety to the look and feel of your white sofa.

Consider the Fabric of Your Sofa

If you’ve decided on a white sofa, the next step is to choose a material. The material quality of your white sofa can have a significant impact on how long it lasts. Here are a few things to think about creating a piece that will last a long time.

  • Performance fabrics: Whether you want a white sofa with or without a slipcover, they are an excellent choice because they can withstand a lot of wear and tear. They’re also frequently easier to clean and come with mold and stain resistance.
  • Tight textures: When shopping for sofa upholstery, search for fabrics with a little more tooth and texture. They’ll last longer. They’ll be better at covering stains if there’s a depth of color and texture.
  • Durable leather: If you don’t want to use a slipcover and can’t locate a fabric you like, a white leather sofa is a good option. It will give you a more glam and industrial vibe, plus white leather is more durable and easy to clean over time. If you have pets with sharp claws, however, you should avoid leather. Additionally, it might be more challenging to clean if you stain white leather, so be cautious.

Cleaning Your White Sofa

Here are some helpful routine cleaning suggestions, in addition to a slipcover and picking sturdy textiles that make it easier to clean your white couch.

  • Keep a Tide stick on hand: It works wonders and is probably your best bet for quick spot cleaning of minor spills and stains. Make sure there’s one close to your white sofa at all times.
  • Invest in a hand steam cleaner: For regular maintenance, a hand steam cleaner is a good investment. It’s an excellent approach to get rid of tiny stains without having to do a total wash.
  • Don’t use a dryer: Your slipcovers will not shrink if you don’t use the dryer. If you have a white slipcovered sofa, putting the slipcover back on the cushions while still damp will help them form the shape. Just make sure to follow the washing directions to the letter.

An Alternative to a White Sofa

A white sofa is a magnificent and daring choice for your house. However, if a white sofa doesn’t fit your lifestyle or feels like too much upkeep, here are some different colors to consider as alternatives.

  • Gray in any shade: A versatile neutral color, gray in any shade has a similar pristine aesthetic to white, but the deeper undertone hides stains a little better. To avoid a reddish hue in your environment, choose a cooler gray color.
  • Beige or neutrals Beige and rich neutrals, from sand to taupe, are fantastic alternatives for a warmer aesthetic. These hues go nicely with other neutrals and are a little more spill-resistant.
  • ‘Bluetrals’: Are the new neutrals, and they come in a variety of blue shades. Although a blue sofa may appear striking, it may be an excellent foundation for a farmhouse or California casual aesthetic. Of course, blues also go well with white furnishings, allowing you to have the best of all worlds.

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