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Screening Tests vs. Diagnostic Tests
Screening Tests vs. Diagnostic Tests

Health Care

Screening Tests vs. Diagnostic Tests: Know The Difference

It’s pretty confusing when your general physician asks you to bring the screening, and diagnostic tests report on your mens health check. If it’s not your doctor, you may have to attach the reports of some screening and diagnostic tests at your workplace.

A person with no medical knowledge will find no difference between the diagnostic and screening tests. However with this article the thin line of difference will not be complicated at all to understand. Therefore, in this post, you will find the fundamental split between these two detection methodologies.

What is a Screening Test?

Screening tests are usually performed to detect any disease or infection in a person. The general physicians usually prescribe a screening test in that case when there are no particular signs and symptoms of the disease.

An asymptomatic carrier can threaten the whole society and even their family if the disease is contagious like TB, Hepatitis, HIV, and Syphilis. Furthermore, a screening test facilitates disease detection before it gets too late.

Some diseases won’t raise the red flag; therefore, to ensure the health status, it’s necessary to keep a check. In case of a positive screening test result, the time treatment can help cure the disease.

What are the Advantages of Screening Test?

While drawing a comparison line, some pros of screening tests help the patient in several ways. Some of the advantages are as follows.

What are the Advantages of Screening Test

1 – Cost Friendly

Detection tests are expensive because of the reagents and equipment used during the performance. However, the screening tests are wallet-friendly and don’t create a hole in your pocket.

2 – Less Time Consuming

Screening tests are the most prominent tool for those who travel frequently. Several countries need a report that you should be negative for different infections. Unfortunately, getting the report is hard when you have a flight within 24-48 hours.

Screening tests can save you from missing your flights as you can get results even after 15-20 minutes in case of several trials.

3 – Painless Testing

Unlike diagnostic tests, screening tests are less painful. In the case of several screening tests, you don’t have to bear the pain of phlebotomy.

Painless Testing

What is a Diagnostic Test?

Diagnostic tests are confirmatory tests after the appearance of signs and symptoms. If the doctor notices any abnormality during mens health check, he will recommend a diagnostic test to ensure his doubt.

What are the Pros of Diagnostic Tests?

Diagnostic tests can help to estimate the extent of damage in a person when the disease spreads its wings. Let’s take a look at the plus points of diagnostic tests.

1 – Highly Sensitive

Screening tests are based on antigen-antibody interaction. Several microbes share the same antigens, leading to false-positive results. But diagnostic tests give a precise and actual image of the disease.

2 – Intensity of Disease

Screening tests give a surface-level examination of the matter on which the doctor cannot decide the treatment route. In comparison, diagnostic tests help magnify the intensity of the disease, which makes the doctor choose a medication treatment .

Last Words

Both tests are equally crucial in detecting disease and preventing severe damage. Rather than deciding on the test by yourself, Let your doctor choose it for you according to the need that presents itself.

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