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6 More Weed Strains to Unwind After Tax Day
6 More Weed Strains to Unwind After Tax Day

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Scouts Honor strain and 6 More Weed Strains to Unwind After Tax Day

Tax Day is at the top of everyone’s list of the worst days of the year. Around this time, you will have spent endless hours working through the piles and piles of paperwork, completing long, demanding forms, browsing the web for a decent accountant then going around in circles wondering if you should get a refund or not. The lead up to Tax Day can induce a fair share of anxiety and stress, to say the least (North York weed delivery).

Luckily for you, that is where we come in. As always, we come bearing the best news. While you are working on your taxes, we have put together our list of 7 ultimate relaxing weed varieties to help you unwind and let those stresses fade away as you take a relaxing trip to the clouds. The Scouts Honor strain is leading the charge this time, offering you absolute chill vibes after this tense season. The moment you e-file and take all your paperwork to the post office, or when you finally file an extension in order to procrastinate for six more months, you may want to give some of these buds a try.

Scout’s Honor Strain

Scout’s Honor is an Indica leaning weed strain that brings together the legendary OG Kush Breath and OG Kush strains. The result is a pungent Kushy and earthy aroma that fills whatever space it is consumed in. At the same time, many occasional Scout’s Honor smokers say the strain is quite a bit like cookies. The plant itself is dense, coated in trichomes, and good for resin. This fine bud is brought to us by the folks at Los Angeles Kush. It was originally crafted by Bert Baccarat.

Skunk #1

Skunk #1 weed is an oldie, but it is most definitely a goodie. The strain launched in 1978, and it a great trip down memory lane- to a time when life as we know it was just a bit simpler. A time with no computers getting just when you are about to finally submit your tax forms, much lower risks of your identity being stolen, and no lurking hidden fees to be paid to those online tax assistance agencies.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights a sought after Indica strain on the cannabis market. It is a classic choice for some rest and relaxation. The high from this smoke will induce creative energy and good vibes. Northern Light is an ideal choice for getting your artsy juices active after going through a hectic day of calculations and working through stacks of receipts.


As its unique name suggests, Trainwreck marijuana was created especially for the times when you really feel like you are a complete Trainwreck. This is a powerful Sativa leaning hybrid, and it is a good way to manage all the anticipated stress-induced headaches that come as Tax Day approaches.


Master Kush

This weed variety is an unforgettable way to toast to the end of a horribly long day. In 1992, Master Kush scooped the top prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup, and then it did it again in 1993. These awards earned its place as a genuine timeless masterpiece.

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

Girl Scout Cookie cannabis has a reputation for being a good stress-reliever. It works well when it is paired with some dessert, such as your favorite cookies. This bud will distract you from the fact that your brand new promotion means that you are now in a higher tax bracket.  Let GSC help you to enjoy the bittersweet moment of your new job!

Willy’s Wonder

You maybe like most Canadians who will wait until the very last possible minute to make your submission. Willy’s Wonder marijuana exists for moments like this. The Indica leaning strain is sure to ease you into settling your thoughts and get restful sleep after you have finally submitted everything just minutes before the deadline.

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