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Sammy EHR Bridging Healthcare

What is Sammy EHR?

It is an efficient EHR solution that helps in maximising clinical performance. It has an integrated Practice management system with the EHR to cover for medical billing and administrative tasks. The Sammy EHR software is suitable for SMEs, to help them accelerate their workflow.

The healthcare software specializes in podiatry practices and offers features to ease their workload. Sammy EHR software is multipurpose and has the ability to configure its functions to match your specific requirements. SamNotes also has patient charts templates that are customizable.  Sammy EHR comes with a voice recognition option, so that notes can be narrated and the software detects them. Apart from this the EHR software also has track of patient demographics and updates it when required. The EHR is accessible via all operating desktop devices and has a user-friendly interface.

Features of Sammy EHR

Centralized DashBoard:

An overview of all tasks at one place, including patient information as a whole. All data logged into the software is available for further use in processes. The information is secured as the software is HIPAA compliant. Dashboard allows to link reports and photographs to patients charts. User revisions can also be tracked so loss of information is bare minimum.

Data Organization

Export or import data to patients files with no hassle. Files can maintain X-rays, MRIs, ultrasound, photos and other images. System also allows for use to access patient previous data, for treatment protocols if any or to make medical well informed choices, with less complication.

Patient Portal

To enable patients to check on their information at ease. No matter the location, patients can sign in and view their appointment dates, medical history, reports and other information. Give patients the liberty to decide for their appointments as per their convenience. It also significantly reduces the no shows or latecomers. Which in fact improves patient engagements for the practice.

Cloud Based Development

It is a cloud based software which enables it to be accessible at all times from all locations. It also makes data storage a more secure and malware free option for practitioners. Bringing along ease, speed and accuracy. Save time as no hefty server installations are required. Its payments are made on subscription basis which makes it a less expensive option as well.

Clinical Notes

Seamlessly creating notes for clinicians, an option for repeat note is available and automated entry tool makes it easier as re-typing stored information is not required. With voice recognition technology notes can be generated by the comments made by the practitioners. Saves time and effort used in manually making notes and then typing it to store in the system. Hence reduced errors and increased efficiency is achieved.

Claims Management

With the help of Sammy EHR software no of refused claims can be taken under control. As with the help of software early detection of errors is possible, once an error has been identified it can be omitted before submission so that claims have a higher rate of acceptance. Above that patient eligibility is also verified as and when patient data is entered into the software. So the clinicians are well aware whether or not their patient has active insurance coverage or not.

Clinical decision Support

Decisional Support Tools are also intact with the software. Data present in the EHR system is being analysed and suggestions are made as per the available data. Also remind clinicians to help patients through evidence-based treatments.

SammyEHR Medical Billing:

Sammy EHR podiatry Billing software can also be acquired additionally. Helping podiatry practices increase in revenue by improving collections and providing billing support. It offers an affordable price for the hefty work it takes over. It has a great interface for ease of use and technically sound. It’s a wise choice as it reduces the number of people to maintain billing and claims, and also eliminates the need of outsourcing billing to a thor party vendor. It has streamlined in house billing practices to improve the experience of medical and administrative staff.


Sammy EHR Cost:

The cost of software varies depending on the number of features the practitioners would like or the number of practitioners in a practice that will be using the software. An initial cost estimation is $349 per month per user. For further details or quotes for a specific plan required can be requested.


Sammy EHR Reviews:

A compilation of Sammy EHR reviews from various sources can help create a realistic picture of the functionalities of the software. Amongst all the most common benefits and drawbacks of the software based on user feedback are.


  • Familiarity with podiatry practices codes and language
  • Easy to use and configure Claims management solution
  • Voice recognition feature assistance to save effort.
  • Option to tag photos and notes on chats within the EHR system.
  • Cost Effective
  • Labour cost reduced and less staffing requirement for data entry.


  • Challenging user experience due to steep learning curve.
  • Limited accessible templates.

Recommending Sammy EHR Software to fellow users:

Sammy EHR helps in overall improved workflow for the practice. For SMEs it provides the freedom to grow. Helps in increasing the rate of reimbursements, Value patients sentiments, Stremlines medical and administrative tasks. Given these reasons medical and podiatry practices continue to use and recommend Sammy EHR to fellow practitioners. As they themself experienced a boost in their medical practice, improved patient care and experience. Also stakeholder communication management is improved.

To guarantee Sammy EHR will be a perfect fit for you we would recommend you read further reviews and get to know what consumers have to say about this software. Apart from that requesting DEMO from the vendors/ sellers would also be useful insight for making a decision regarding the software.

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