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Safety Helmet


Safety Precautions To Be Followed While Working On Over Head Lines

Safety Precautions to be followed while Working On Over Head Lines

The first and foremost thing all technicians and those who are working on Over Head Line should take care of them before concentrating on their work. It was recommended to check the following precautions before starting to work.

The following are some of the safety precautions that should be followed While Working On Over Head Lines.

1. Wear Safety Gloves:

Before starting to work each and every individual who is working with electrical should wear certain Safety Gloves. The Safety Gloves should be certified by the standard of their country. Depending on the rating the thickness of the gloves may vary.

2. Wear Safety Aprons:

Safety Aprons were also mandatory and it should also be given higher priorities. The Aprons also should be certified by the standards of their country. Most often Orange and Yellowish Green Aprons were used.

3. Wear Safety Helmets:

If anything happened to your head, it can’t be cured easily and it may also cause side effects. In order to avoid all the troubles, the workers should wear a Safety Helmet and it should be periodically checked for Quality. A Helmet can able to save your life too. So wear Safety Helmets regularly.

4. Wear Safety Boots:

Boots were not only for trends but also for protecting lives by protecting against short circuit. Boots should be changed every 6 months. A high-quality Boots last for at least 6 months.

5. Use Only Insulated Tools:

All the Tools, you are going to use should be insulated. Tools from only certified companies should be used. Tools also should follow some working standards. Always use only proper tools for a respective purpose.

6. Use Only Safety Ladder:

Those who are working with Over Head Lines should use only Adjustable Safety Ladder. Never try to climb Over Head Lines. All the Over Head Lines work should be done only with the technicians and experts.

7. Always Use Walkie-Talkie for Communications:

While working on Over Head Lines, the communication plays an important role. Walkie-Talkie can be used in addition to the hand signals. Sometimes hand signal can’t be used in that case Walkie-Talkie should be used.

8. Work Only on Unenergized lines:

Never work on energized lines which can make you dead. Ensure the supply is Off before starting to work. Use Officers command Properly.

9. Ensure any Conducting Materials on your body:

Before starting to work, Ensure any conducting material or pieces on your body other than tools. It also includes a belt with metal buckle, Safety pins, Chains, Bracelets and so on.

10. Work with care:

Besides above precautions, a great care needs a lot. Don’t work if you are not completely well. Health is more important than work so, take care of yourself first.




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