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Smartsheet is a SaaS (Software as a service) offering developed and marketed by Smartsheet inc. for collaboration and work management. As a cloud-based work management tool, it is simple, and a wide range of employees can use it with ease.

About seventy thousand companies use this application, including a majority of the Fortune 500. Clients of the Smartsheet tool range from business giants like Google and Netflix to US general services administration. Smartsheet combines a familiar spreadsheet format with richer work management and collaboration capabilities.

It appeals to a wide range of business users, especially project managers. As a web application, the Smartsheet tool doesn’t need to be installed on a computer and can be accessed online from anywhere on any device.


Smartsheet has several similarities with several other traditional project management applications. A part of the new generation’s emerging work management tools, Smartsheet focus sheets is similar to excel spreadsheets, which can become complex and unwieldy despite being traditional to manage projects.

Unlike Microsoft Excel and Google sheets, Smartsheet has all sorts of collaboration functionality incorporated into itself. Some of the other significant functions of Smartsheets are,

  • Collaboration: Through this feature, other project team members can be invited to collaborate on the sheet. Through that, they can view and edit the sheet and can contribute much to the project.
  • Attach Files: Files can be attached to the overall sheet or the overall row in the sheet. These files can be sorted on Smartsheet’s servers and are accessible when logged into the Smartsheet.
  • Discussions: It is possible to arrange and host discussions in Smartsheet for the whole project or specific tasks. These discussions will be stored in the sheet.
  • Request for updates: Through Smartsheet, users can request updates from collaborators about the assigned task’s progress within the sheet itself.
  • Set up alerts: It is easy to set up notifications and alerts within the sheets to ensure the tasks’ timely completion.
  • Set Up Webforms: Through this feature, web forms can be set up within the sheet and can have the users’ responses will automatically populate the sheet.
  • Publish the sheets: This feature of the Smartsheet can be used to make the sheet available via an external URL so anyone can see it.

Apart from that, several other features make Smartsheet unique from other work management tools. It can provide innumerable ways to track the progress and current status of the task assigned in the Smartsheet.

Last year it added a Kanban board feature similar to that found in Trello with the launch of Cradview. Apart from this, users of Smartsheet can also manage tasks from the calendar feature of the application.

Smartsheet is also noted for its capabilities that are designed to track work at a high level. The visualization dashboard, Sights was launched by Smartsheet in 2016 to offer businesses a window into the work done across the teams and their important projects, deadlines, and goals. All these features provide greater visibility into the innards of complex projects.


Smartsheet can be accessed for free for those who want to only view or edit information. Other services of this software are offered in four paid tiers.

The software’s individual subscribers can pay $14 a month, and access email support, ten sheets, the mobile application, third-party integrations, and limited collaboration features, including reminders and notifications.

Team subscription of Smartsheet can cost 15$ per month for a minimum of three users. In this tier, users have access to more sheets, unlimited reports, phone support, and admin controls.

The third tier or business tier costs 25$ per month and gives access to about a hundred sheets per user. Apart from this, it provides additional collaboration features like automated actions and a wider variety of integration options.

The fourth tier is for enterprise users. They can negotiate a custom pricing plan and access the full range of admin controls like single sign-on and enterprise access control and collaboration features. Smartsheet provides a thirty-day free trial to try its features.

There are two ways to sign up for their services, via email address and google. During the free trial, the services provided to single users can be accessed, and up to ten sheets can be used.

Lately, Smartsheet is transforming into a growing enterprise customer base and is expanding its business. With its unique features, it is becoming one of the most efficient and sought-after project management tools. It makes project management much more efficient.

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