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Rivalhost Professional Shared Hosting Review
Rivalhost Professional Shared Hosting Review

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Rivalhost Professional Shared Hosting Review | Rivalhost review

I want to share my experience with Rivalhost Professional Shared Hosting Review.  Currently, this site has been Hosted on Rivalhost Professional Shared Hosting Review.

Note: This review has been written based on my experience with Rivalhost Professional Shared Hosting.

During the month of September 2018, I got this hosting as a reward from their affiliate staff. Then I started to analyze the downtime. After doing over 50 days of analysis, I never got any odd result. So I decided to share a post on this blogging site.


Their shared hosting plans are amazing and also they are offering a dedicated IP in this Professional shared hosting plan.

This Rivalhost Professional Shared Hosting Plan would be much suitable for Website designers, Web App designers, Programmers, Digital Marketing Agencies.

This Professional Shared Hosting can be used to host a maximum of  999 Websites. So if you are doing a freelancing service, you can use this Professional Shared Hosting to host your Client’s Website.

Use this tools for creating attractive flowcharts. 

Here the screenshot of  Web Hosting manager Panel (Reseller Hosting)

Rivalhost Professional Shared Hosting Review

You can also use this hosting and share it with your friends and family members or start a business of reseller hosting.

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How Professional Reseller Package plan returns you revenue?

  1. You can use this only for yourself (Your Website) 
  2. You can share this Hosting with your friends.
  3. You can sell Hosting for others.

Let us see the simple example.

A reseller hosting can be sold between $1 o $4 per month (This can be increased or decreased depending on your profit percentage)

Now do the math, if ”X ” acquires around 50 clients. ”X” can expect around $100 to $200 as a profit per month. This can be increased by acquiring many clients.

If you have higher marketing skills, you can boost the profit even $2000 per month (But that takes a lot of time and effort to do promotion)

Even if you offer the hosting for $1 to 500 clients then your profit would be around $470 per month. (A decent revenue)

Rivalhost Support review

The Rivalhost Support is the best and efficient team when comes to solving problems.

Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge, you can ask their support team to solve your problems related to web hosting.

Most of the cases, the support is free and they also help you transfer hosting from some other service provider at free of cost.

I myself enclosed a proof on my experience with the Rivalhost support team.

Rival Host support team

[Note: If your problem has been unsolved, you can contact me anytime. I connect them via personal number to solve your problem.] 

Affiliate program: 

They also have an affiliate program, which means if someone uses your affiliate link and buys any of their products or services, then you will be getting a commission.

For a simple signup, you will be getting a $10 on your affiliate dashboard.

Open your affiliate business by registering here.

Once you register, you can access any of their banners on your website.









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