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Resistor color coding
Resistor color coding


Resistor Value Calculation Online | Resistor Color Coding

This simple Resistor Value Calculation Online Tool help you Calculate the Resistor color Coding. Just select the resistor color and get the value.

Each and every resistor were provided with colored layers for identifying its value. Each and every band has a value which should be used in addition to some criteria.
Resistor Colour Coding chart is provided for your reference.

To calculate the value of Resistor, follow these steps.

→ Firstly, Note the band colors and list those colors.
→ Secondly, With the help of the chart note down the respective value.
→ Thirdly, Write the value as such for Band 1 and Band 2. For Band 3, write it in terms of exponential power with respect to 10 as a base.
→ Tolerance can be written as ± with the respective percentage.

Tolerance value means the following resistor value can be within the limit. It’s difficult to provide exact value.

Chart for Resistor Color Coding:

BLACK 0             10^0
BROWN 1              10^1                1
RED 2              10^2                 2
ORANGE 3               10^3
YELLOW 4               10^4
GREEN 5               10^5               0.5
BLUE 6               10^6               0.25
VIOLET 7               10^7                0.1
GREY 8               10^8
WHITE 9               10^9
GOLD               10^-1                5
SILVER                10^-2               10
NONE                20

This can be easily memorized by using this Evergreen sentence

BB Roy Great Britain Very Good Wife


Now Let us see How to calculate the value of a resistor with an example.

Consider a Resistor having the following Color Sequence.

Band 1 = Red

Band 2 = Violet

Band 3 = Orange

Band 4 = Silver.

To calculate the value of a resistor, You should identify the respective digit. Neglect the digit for Gold and Silver


The digit for Red is 2

The digit for Violet is 7

The digit for Orange is 3

For band 1 and band 2 write the digit as such. For band 3, write it in terms of power.

So the value is 2 7 *10^3 ± 10%.

On simplification, we get 27000 with 10% tolerance. You can also write this as 27k ± 10%.

Practically, a resistance won’t become 0.


To find the resistor value easily use this simple calculator.


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