a devices which opposes the flow of current

What is a Resistor?

A Resistor is a two terminal device which is used in electrical and electronic circuits for providing resistance to the flow of current. In other words, we can say a resistor is a device which opposes a flow of current in an electrical and electronic circuit.

  • We can also use adaptors instead of using Resistors in a circuit but the drawback is the circuit becomes complex and big. For example, Say a circuit needs 100 resistors. If you are going to use 100 adaptors just imagine the size of the circuit. To reduce the size of the circuit resistors were used instead of adaptors.

Types of Resistors:

Resistors are classified into two main types. They are

1.Fixed Resistor:

A Fixed Resistor is a one in which the value of the resistance can’t be varied.

Example: 1kΩ, 10kΩ, 100kΩ. This type of resistor was mostly used in all types of circuits.

They further classified into different types. They are

  • Wire wound resistor.
  • Carbon composition resistor.
  • Carbon film resistor.
  • Metal film resistor.
  • Metal oxide film resistor.
  • Metal glaze resistor.
  • Foil resistor.

2. Variable Resistor:

A Variable Resistor is a one in which the value of resistance can be varied within a specific range.

Example: A variable resistor in which the value can be varied between 10kΩ to 100kΩ. This type of Resistor was mostly used in speed control operation where we had to change the speed.

They further classified into different types. They are

  • Potentiometer.
  • Rheostat.
  • Thermistor.
  • Magneto resistor.
  • Photoresistor.
  • Force sensitive resistor.
  • Light Dependent Resistor.

A resistor would be present in all types of circuits. A simple wire also posses a negligible value of resistance in it. It is not necessary to be present as a lumped element.

Depending on the requirement one can use any type of resistor. For our convenience only it was split up into two types but the basic performance and usability would be the same.



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