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Reduce Your Website Page Load with these Web Development Tips
Reduce Your Website Page Load with these Web Development Tips


Reduce Your Website Page Load with these Web Development Tips

Although digitalization was already a craze, now it is included in all the work of our day. It has become one of our needs. But it is not easy for everyone to run a business online. Google is the thing through which you and your company name should reach people. If your company name does not reach people, people do not know about you and your company.

Therefore, many strategies have also come out that are in line with a Web Design Company’s pro tips. If your website has reached people before, but they have trouble opening it, they will not like to see it.

In today’s busy world, everyone wants to make their work easy and fast. Even if your website ranks first and is not accessible to the people, it will not be useful. For this, you have to develop Enterprise SEO strategies for your website to improve your organic presence. You have to keep in mind some development tips for your website page to speed up its loading time.

Why You Should Speed Up Your Website With A Web Design Company

A survey says a one-second delay in page load time causes- 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and 7% loss in conversions. Even a few extra seconds can have a massive loss for your website in the form of rating, audience, views.

Therefore, having a fast site from a reputed web design company with good performance is essential for growing your company website. A good page load time is two seconds. If your page delays opening within this period, there is a high chance of losing.

Tips To Reduce Your Website Load Time

1. Fixing Server Response time

The interval of time it takes to load your page equals the amount of time your DNS lookup takes. DNS or Domain Name System has a database of your IP addresses with the hostname. When someone types this URL into their browser, then DNS translates the IP addresses which locates its exact location online.

For example, you need to visit So, for this, you will type this into your web browser. Thus, the amount of time needed to convert an URL to an IP address is equal to the amount of time needed to load your page for which you should have a right DNS provider. Using a slow DNS provider takes more time to load your page. Therefore, choosing a faster DNS with a profitable enterprise SEO can reduce this time.

2. Choosing the proper hosting option

Some sites take the cheapest possible ways for hosting, which is often enough initially, but after getting more traffic, you should upgrade your hosting options for a better result.

3. Compression Audit

By compression offered by a web design company, one can speed up download times. When you have smaller files, it will take less time to open those files within a fraction of time. But if you have larger files with lots of images, it will be bulky in size and slow to download it.

4. Browser caching

While visiting a page, the elements you have gone through are stored on your hard drive in a cache like temporary storage that means next time you visit that page, your browser will open and will not send another HTTP request to the server.

5. Reduce image sizes

Keeping images on a website page with enterprise SEO is an excellent thing that attracts the viewers. But sometimes it takes more time to open that page due to large size images. Removing images is not a good option so you can keep images with smaller file sizes.

6. Using of external hosting Platforms

For some of your larger files, you can use external hosting platforms to reduce your loading time. If you want to attach a video tutorial to your site then uploading it directly can affect your site. If you have multiple users for that one video then providing that same video to them at the same time can slow down your page.

7. Adding redirects

Having too many redirects for your page can increase the loading time of your page. Vast numbers of redirects can give additional HTTP requests which can also increase loading time.


For a smooth and better performance of your loading page, you can try these steps out with a good web design company. Before trying all those tips, you should practically know how to do them and install those tips in your site according to your site’s needs.



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