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QuickBooks Desktop won’t open has stopped working or not responding

Now days QuickBooks has become one of the best Accounting platform for its users across the globe to track their expenses, generate invoices, bill payments, pay stub and for other bookkeeping and accounting work. Whether it is a small sized business owner or a middle sized business owner, everyone is shifting their old tradition of manual accounting to the latest QuickBooks accounting solutions. On the other side QuickBooks developers are trying to put their efforts everyday to make it more user friendly and tech savvy. Hence it has become a multi user platform.  Due to high traffic and rapidly increasing the number of its users, it is obvious that its server get delayed and busy. Sometimes you might be notified with QuickBooks Desktop won’t open has stopped working or not responding.

If your screen get appear with such messages, if you are one of the victims of facing such issues then there is nothing to worry about. This article will help you guide the possible reasons causing such errors of delayed connection and possible solutions to it.

QuickBooks Desktop won’t open has stopped working or not responding

After reading this article, you will get educate about the various reasons causing such errors and the perfect methods of immediately fixing this problem. We recommend you to read this article thoroughly till end. Moreover our expert team will always be there for your help.

In this article we have discussed various factors that cause QuickBooks desktop won’t open has stopped working or not responding issues.

  1. It might be possible that software QWBUSER.INI file got missed or corrupt from the system causing QuickBooks stopped working.
  2. Many companies have big name which causes software to get crash.
  3. Multi users at the same time using QuickBooks Desktop for their accounts causes so much traffic on it. Hence becomes one of the possible reasons for its not responding issue.
  4. Corrupted Hard drive may cause such error.
  5. Damaged and corrupted operating system can also be the possible reason for its not working.
  6. It might be possible that you have restricted QuickBooks to launch as selected from settings as unknown source.  Hence your installed software might be considering QuickBooks desktop as unsafe software.
  7. QuickBooks might not be working and responding due to insufficient system specification which won’t let QuickBooks Workforce to open.

In this article we have discussed the Symptoms of this issue.

When your system got crashed and stopped working then you must take precautions for its prevention as your system might be at risk. When you see the following symptoms then you must take some immediate action to resolve the issues.

  • Your system might shut down suddenly.
  • QuickBooks desktop not ready to work as efficiently as before.
  • Your device got freeze and was not responding to any commands that you enter.
  • Your system got hang.

Try below mentioned some most effective solutions to fix such this issue

  1. System Repair tool: A good solution to fix this issue
  • QuickBooks repair tool can be downloaded.
  • In desktop, file in the local folder is to be selected.
  • If there is any existing open app or any open program then you need to shut down it first.
  • Your whole device will get scanned within 20 minutes.
  • Now you need to restart your computer. QuickBooks desktop issue will get resolved.


  1. You need to uninstall your Antivirus software and reboot the system.
  • System need to be restart.
  • After restarting the computer, you need to restart the QuickBooks Desktop to see if it is working properly now..
  • Deactivate the antivirus if you find the issue still persists.


IT professional help can be taken in case you found the error difficult to fix at your end.


  1. QBWUSER.INI file can be renamed.

First of all company file is to be open manually so that you can change the name of QBWUSER.IN file. This will help to delete all the company’s files that were opened previously on other browsers.


For this, QBWUSER.INI file need to be rechecked and identify where it is stored. In case if it is hidden, a path of Location:\users\users name\app data\local\QuickBooks Year can be followed.


  1. Clean install is to used for reinstall QuickBooks


Clean install tool can be used for reinstalling QuickBooks desktop. Using this tool will help you get updated version of QuickBooks Desktop and smooth the process of resolving the issue.


  1. New Admin user for QuickBooks desktop can be created

You can try to login QuickBooks Desktop using new Admin user account. It is one of the best solutions to fix the issue of QuickBooks desktop.

We hope you find this article helping in understanding the possible causes, symptoms and solutions to this issue.

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