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What is Customer Relationship Management
What is Customer Relationship Management


Questions for a Salesforce Certification

What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a marketing technique used to manage customer response and services. It manages all your customer details and strengthens your relationship with the customer from a business perspective. Different Customer Relationship Management applications gather customer information from different social media apps and help you in your digital marketing.

Salesforce CRM:

Salesforce is an American company established in 1999 to provide Customer Relationship Management services to their users. Salesforce training is well-known for its marketing strategy and customer management assistance. It is a cloud-based company offering plenty of benefits in digital marketing. Salesforce is the most popular CRM company and has won many awards in the last few years.

Assets of Salesforce:

This CRM is considered the most updated and efficient in the whole market. It has almost 70% of the total CRM consumers. All this is due to its effective interface and coding language. It has a lot of features and benefits over the other CRM companies. We have explained some of these pros in the following:

  • It is the most efficient and powerful CRM company providing you the most productive data from customers. It manages all your customer details in a very constructive manner that uplifts your profit.
  • All other CRM companies have a very rigid interface and do not allow you to remove or add any feature from their services. But Salesforce allows you to remove any feature whenever you want to.
  • All the data collected by Salesforce is arranged in a very productive way so that anyone can understand and utilize it whenever needed.
  • Salesforce not only tracks customer movements but also helps you to analyze the sales report and market needs. It helps you to find the most beneficial product for sale in the market. Also, it shows the lacking of your marketing strategy.

Liabilities of Salesforce:

In addition to the pros, Salesforce also has some bad aspects you need to know before starting a Salesforce relationship. Some of these liabilities are mentioned below:

  • Although Salesforce is the most authentic and safe CRM company, it also has some drawbacks relating to privacy. Salesforce collects and arranges your data in a centralized form. So besides a formidable security wall, there are risks for privacy breaches.
  • Salesforce is one of the most expensive CRM companies. So it would help if you had a huge bank balance to have a deal with it.
  • Not all the features are included in its standard version. You still have to pay for additional features.
  • If you want to judge any company, do contact its customer support. If its customer support is adequate, the company is outstanding. But in the case of Salesforce, it has a week of customer support service.

Requirements For Salesforce Certification:

Salesforce Certification has become tough nowadays. It includes a sequence of obstacles that you have to pass to get its certification. Some of these essentials are listed below:

  • You must have updated knowledge of Salesforce services and features. You should know everything about Customer Relationship Management and its cloud-based hallmarks.
  • You have to pass a 60 multiple choice question paper in almost 90 minutes to get its certification. Time can be increased up to 105 minutes depending upon the post you are applying for.

Favorite Questions Asked for a Salesforce Certification:

You are asked about 60 questions. Different options are given, and you have to choose the best one. Some of the critical and preferred questions are explained below:

  • Can you share a profile on Salesforce? Or Can two users share a single profile?
  • If you are given an option, will you invest in Salesforce?
  • What do you know about prioritizing the Salesforce Certification?
  • What are WholD and WhatID?
  • Define the master-detail relationship.
  • What is time-dependent workflow action?
  • Can you differentiate role and profile in Salesforce?
  • How can you deploy codes in Salesforce?
  • What is the use of javascript in Salesforce?
  • What do you know about visual force and its types?
  • Define Sandbox org.
  • Tell us the ways to freeze any user from Salesforce.
  • What are login hours in Salesforce, and how to set them?

Bottom lines:

You need to be well prepared if you are willing to apply for Salesforce Certification. It includes a written exam of 60 multiple choice questions and an interview. If you have a grip on Salesforce, you can easily get certified. Most of the frequently asked questions are mentioned above. You have to prepare these questions if you want to get certified.

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