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Putting Patients First with CureMD EMR in 2021
Putting Patients First with CureMD EMR in 2021

Health Care

Putting Patients First with CureMD EMR in 2021

CureMD EMR software enables doctors to build meaningful relationships with their patients while reducing data entry burdens.

Electronic health records have recently received a lot of attention as a result of the increasing digitization of nearly every aspect of the medical sector. As a result, it’s only natural that the adoption of EHR has coincided with a greater focus on patient satisfaction. Patients have come to expect patient-centered care, and electronic health records (EHRs) have been heralded as a significant advance in healthcare.

EHRs are becoming increasingly beneficial in supporting doctors in developing more good relationships with their patients. EHRs are well renowned for their ability to provide patient-centered services. Despite this, physicians confront a number of challenges when it comes to implementing and optimizing EHR systems.

We’ll walk you through all you need to know about CureMD EMR and how it can help your clinic build a patient-centric strategy in this guide.

When it comes to adaption, EHRs, for example, maybe difficult. Despite the usage of electronic health records (EHR), clinicians can feel disconnected from their patients at times. Here’s how you can fix that with CureMD EMR software

Automated Text Messaging

Consumers (aka patients) regard basic appointment reminders as just that: basic in today’s era of ubiquitous mobile devices. Brands in numerous industries have dramatically enhanced their interactions with customers, and healthcare providers must do the same. Text messaging driven by artificial intelligence and natural language processing allows patients to respond to messages in the same way they would in a normal conversation.

When a patient confirms an appointment, for example, a thumbs-up emoji can be understood as “yes.” Patients are already responding in this manner to communications, thus it is up to providers to create a system that can correctly comprehend the meaning in these circumstances.

Focusing on Patients & Physicians

Today’s physicians have more control on healthcare dynamics due to the sophistication of technological technology. While patients are continually distracted by their electronic gadgets, keeping eye contact with them creates a friendly and exciting environment for them, which aids with their restraint. In 2015, researchers released a study in the International Journal of Medical Informatics that tracked and analyzed physicians’ and patients’ eye movements.

This highlights the importance of adopting effective ways for handling electronic health records during patient visits. During a patient evaluation, a physician may choose to scribble down important notes rather than typing. Ende, for example, says he takes a new patient’s history “with a pad of paper on my lap, being concentrated, and watching the patient’s body language.”

This strategy, however, is tough to maintain, especially if you see a large number of patients every day. And, as the number of patients increases, you must save every second of your time.

Based on CureMD EMR reviews, one of the most crucial elements of their solutions is speech recognition-based charting. This function is unique in that it allows you to focus on your patients while streamlining your charting procedure. One of the most difficult issues that physicians confront is balancing providing an entertaining experience for patients while also logging their visits.

Using Technology to Improve Patient Engagement

The use of electronic health records (EHRs) for patient involvement has been lauded. According to a recent survey, patients usually follow the physician’s gaze while he or she looks at the screen. These are known as “shared objects” and they are critical in capturing the patients’ attention. Then it’s up to you to either gain the patient’s trust or pass up the opportunity.

It is worth noting that including patients in decision-making while sharing visual images from the EHR monitor increased patient involvement and satisfaction. Displaying trends and patterns in data charts on discrete and trackable variables such as weight and hemoglobin levels might improve patient interaction.

Physicians no longer have to flick through paper prints looking for patterns. Because of technical developments, they can now examine trends stretching back a year or even farther.

All you have to do is leverage technology to boost patient satisfaction and participation. The EHR is often seen as facilitating patient-centric care delivery due to its success in making the correct data available at the right time.

Another wonderful aspect of CureMD EMR is its mobile app. You can discuss significant health patterns with your patients during their appointment and stay in touch with them afterward via their mobile app. Thanks to features like encrypted texting and file sharing, your patients can reach you at any time. They can also use CureMD’s mobile app to schedule appointments, adjust existing schedules, and select online sessions.

Smart Patient Scheduling

Patient appointment slots can be filled automatically using today’s technology when a patient cancels or reschedules through SMS. A clever scheduling system notifies the following patients in line and offers the newly available slot to the first individual who responds positively. This not only gets patients to care faster, but it also saves staff time from playing phone tag with patients.

CureMD EMR’s appointment management feature helps manage your appointments and ensures you don’t have to worry about no-shows.

CureMD EMR Pricing: CureMD EMR costs $195/month/user

Conclusion – Build an Engaging Experience with CureMD EMR

The medical community is scrambling to stay up with technological advances and meet aggressive patient data sharing targets. EHRs have proven to be an effective way of collaboration for doctors and patients, allowing for increased clinical data flow and care management.

EHRs have also made a significant contribution to patient care and have had a good impact on patient participation by increasing patient engagement and satisfaction while also improving medical compliance.

CureMD EMR is an excellent choice for increasing patient engagement. CureMD EMR not only simplifies a physician’s job, but it also enables them to connect openly with their patients. Patients, on the other hand, have the option of communicating with their doctors at any moment.

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