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Pros of Buying a Used Car over a New Car in 2022
Pros of Buying a Used Car over a New Car in 2022


Pros of Buying a Used Car over a New Car in 2022

Auto industry is advancing at a rapid pace owing to which the car prices are also going higher. This is conclusive that new cars are getting more expensive with every passing year thereby making them out of a common man’s reach. As per statistics, new vehicle depreciates for about 40% within the first year of purchase. Car valuation tool is also conducted by buyers who wish to secure pre-owned cars and wish to scan the market for second-hand car options.  As per a recent survey, used car market has recorded a spike in sales for about 4.4 million units as compared to new vehicles which were recorded at 2.8 million units in the same year.

Since as per new BS-VI emission standards implemented by Indian government, the technological cost aid is to be borne by the consumers. OBV is one of the online car valuation tools which aid in the buyers and sellers to check used car price within a few clicks.

Another positive development in the used car market is the growing availability of parts for various brands. You can always take the necessary steps to find a used car in the best possible condition. However, it is inevitable for certain parts or components to break down and need replacing over time. You can head to your local auto store when that happens, but there’s no guarantee that they will have it. Save time by checking online auto shops like MAPerformance. They usually have a more extensive catalog of parts and car brands, and you can easily search by keyword. You can even request for parts that aren’t already available on their site. Plus, you can have your orders shipped directly to you without leaving your home.

Benefits of Buying a second-hand Car in 2022

Used car price calculator is quite helpful for second-hand buyers as well as for sellers who wish to upgrade their vehicles while spending an economical expense. Since the market is expanding at a faster pace, the listings for second hand vehicle is long on peer to peer marketplace.

There are certain reasons why buying a used car is way better than buying a new car:

  • Money saver: It goes without saying that buying a second-hand car saves a lot of bucks. For a new car purchase, budgeting needs to be set and a lot of money needs to be shelled out. Going for used car means the buyer has to pay a lot less than what is tagged as original value of the car which makes even the costliest car come under the budget. This option means saving some serious money, even when one is buying from an individual first owner after thorough inspection and paperwork.
  • Slow depreciation: As a matter of fact, a new car when leaves a showroom loses 8-10% of its purchase price and becomes a part of used car segments. In such a case, a used car always score an upper hand as compared to a new car. It has a tendency of depreciating at a slower rate in comparison to a brand new car which proves to be exactly the reason why many buyers are now switching to buy used car.
  • Stress-free drive: A used car has its own perks and it comes as a great option to the beginners. The worries of getting a first dent or scratch are a lot less with a used car if you are a newbie at driving a car or learning it.
  • Buying certified used cars that come under warranty: Used cars are not as same as it was earlier. The way these second hand cars are sold and purchased has also evolved. Platforms like OBV facilitate the buyers to check the used car valuation before making a purchase. Buyers can also access additional post purchase warranty to ensure that used car run longer than a new one.
  • Cheaper Insurance: Getting a used car will cost you lesser insurance cost which is a lot less as compared to a new car. The insurance cost is also based on car make, credit score, driving history, mileage and location. Also, the value of car is dependent on the cost of car which goes down in case of a second hand car. Since the value of used car has less value as compared to a newer version, therefore the cost of insurance is also less.
  • Boosting second hand car economy: The process of new car manufacturing which creates the same amount of carbon pollution which is as same as driving it. So, opting for buying a used car, contributes in saving the environment therefore adding to the overall environment. This has resulted in expansion of second hand market over the last period and advocates the buying of a used car as over a new one.

So, these are the benefits that proves that buying a used car isn’t a bad choice. Buying a second-hand car saves your lots of money and fulfils your dream of owning your own vehicle. So, why to worry about the price, condition when you can get everything checked with the availability of online tools.

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