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Tips and Tricks to Raise Your Game
Tips and Tricks to Raise Your Game


Poker Betting: Tips and Tricks to Raise Your Game

Poker betting or online poker betting is an unpredictable affair. You can’t always win. Even the most seasoned poker players don’t have a winning streak; after all, it’s a game of cards. But there are a few tricks that can increase your winning chances in this card game. Here is our list to help you improve your game and run the show in online gambling.

1. Play positively: Aggression pays well

This may sound quaint, but good aggression is better than poor defense. Instead of letting your rivals take charge of the game, you should play positively from the onset. Build a pot with your strong hands because passive play brings you a win only with a good hand. Online Poker is war minus guns, so play aggressively, and you’ll drive yourself home.Weak play will leave the impression that you’re unsure about your game. Aggressive play does the opposite.

2. Start with free bonuses: let it be organic

This is more important if you’re a novice in online gambling. Before risking your money, sharpen your skills with free bonuses. Keep your ego at bay; even if you are a seasoned player, practice never goes in vain. Work on your skills using the free bonus offered by the site you choose for Online Poker.

3. Know your friends well, your enemies better: Who are you playing against?

Your opponents are the ones that matter; you shouldn’t try to bluff a seasoned player. Likewise, you shouldn’t play big wagers against amateurs; complacency gets you nowhere. Know who your opponents are, exploit their flaws, and hit them where it hurts.

Also, if you face a setback, don’t let them know it, or say, when the sharks bite, you don’t bleed.

4. Big blind followed by strong hands: A winning combination

One big blind is good enough for the pot, don’t cut loose and play weak hands after it. Use a strong hand like a combination of King of clubs, 9 of diamonds, Queen of Hearts, Six of hearts, etc. Play aggressively, account for the number of players in hand. Where 1 or more raise has been called, make a call only with a hand that works well for multi-way pots. Also, to defend your big blind, you can keep an eye on the bet size and the stack size. Prioritize card selection and strengthen your moves accordingly. Generally, your aggression should be directly proportional to the size of the bet.

5. Ask the right questions to yourself: What is your game achieving?

Whether you are betting as a bluff or for value, is something you should be clear with. There are some questions you need to ask yourself to improve your game at an online casino.

  • Are you trying to get called by the worse hands?
  • Are you denying your opponent the correct pot odds?
  • Do you seek to keep your opponents’ rangewide?
  • Are you (or are you not) trying to represent a specific hand?
  • Do you intend to push your opponent off the pot?
  • Do your betting strategy and your hands go together smoothly?

6. Emotions at bay. Leave your favorite hand

Sherlock said earlier; sentiment is the chemical defect found in the losing side, the same goes with Online Poker. Favorites don’t always work; you should choose the best move and keep emotions at bay. If you have a favored move, it’s good, but don’t let your preference make you play bad moves.

7. All moves have a reason. Yours should be too!

Strategize your game, and stick to the blueprint, and when you make a change, always have a reason. Don’t play outlandishly radical moves just because you want to do something. Shots in the dark don’t always work. Process your ideas, and if they seem reasonable, you can deviate from your pre-decided strategy. Use your experience to analyze the situation on merits. Then ask yourself ‘why’ you would take one road and not another. This thought process should be quick; indecisiveness boosts your opponent’s confidence.

8. The Elegant Loser: Fold when you are not sure

Every champion is an elegant loser. The same goes with the pro-players in Online Poker. Lay down your good hand, and accept the fact that the game did not turn out to be as you expected. Humans want to win, accepting defeat is a divine virtue, and online gambling will always give you better opportunities. When you are unsure whether to call or to fold versus a bet or a raise, go with a fold.


Despite all these hacks, Online Poker remains a matter of luck. But fortune is known to favor intelligentsia, isn’t it? Knowing these tricks increases your odds of winning the game of Poker.

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