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Pitfalls of javascript development
Pitfalls of javascript development

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Pitfalls of javascript development

The main features of javascript are:

  • Dynamic typing. That is, the data type will be determined only when a variable or const is assigned its value.
  • Flexible work with functions. In JS, you can not only execute functions, but also return functions from functions, pass functions as parameters to other functions, and assign functions as the value of variables.
  • JavaScript is supported by all modern browsers.
  • Object Oriented Programming. That is, it is a programming methodology in which the entire program is represented as a collection of objects.

Apart from this, an important feature of JavaScript is its well-developed infrastructure. Today, developers can work with a large number of libraries and frameworks (the most popular of which are React, Angular, and Vue), multiple builders, helper libraries (such as Lodash), and static site generators.

In terms of scopes, first of all, JavaScript is widely used in web development. And it works in combination with HTML and CSS. With JS, you can create any browser application. For example, the loan calculator, which can be seen on the websites of most banks, is also created using JavaScript.

Moreover, the entire visual part of this calculator is a combination of HTML + CSS. That is, buttons, charts, sliders are static elements. With the help of JS, everything is animated, and all basic calculations are carried out.

Using JavaScript in the WEB

Due to its simplicity and convenience, JavaScript is very often used in the WEB world and is used by Fireart. As the complexity of sites and various WEB-applications grows, its use begins with dynamically changing the elements of the site. It’s before generating them and developing the server part (client-server architecture) of various types of applications. With the help of it, various frameworks and libraries are created. This offer ready-made solutions to typical programming problems in the field of WEB.

JavaScript is most often used for interactive user interaction with the application interface. When performing certain actions, the application changes its design style. As if interacting with the user. Such reactions to user actions, within reasonable limits, can make interaction with the application more convenient and informative.

JavaScript is distinguished by the so-called “low threshold of entry”. That is, to study it, you need to have a small amount of knowledge in the field of WEB, in particular, including the basic concepts of html and css.

There are now many free resources for learning JavaScript: books, articles, forums, video tutorials, online courses, etc. They help you easily master JavaScript from beginner level to advanced use.


How interesting is JS in general for future programmers from the perspective of perspectives? Should a child start studying it? In fact, this language is constantly evolving and new solutions are being introduced. A large number of libraries suggests that JS is very popular today. And this is understandable.

Today every company wants to be represented on the Internet. Moreover, ready-made website templates are of little interest. Therefore, layout and programming are trusted by programmers. And that’s not all.

You can write any web application using JS. And this significantly increases the demand for programmers who speak this language. And if you look at domestic sites with vacancies, there are currently more job offers for JavaScript developers than for those who program in Java or 1C.
javascript development
In the near future, JS is likely to remain the main language for developing web applications and sites. And one more important point. Recently, the popularity of so-called progressive applications has been growing, which combine the site. And, in fact, the application itself. And all of this is also developed with JS.

Finally, even if JavaScript declines in popularity over time, you can always re-learn to another programming language. Those who are engaged in development are still constantly in the educational process. For example, the emergence of a new JavaScript library takes some time to learn. It will not be difficult for a programmer to learn another language, knowing the basic principles of programming.

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