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PDFBear: Safe and Convenient PDF Protection Made Easy

There is no doubt about it, and the most used electronic file nowadays is the portable document format. It is not overrated to consider this file the best as it continues to stand out with its extensive flexibility and functionality. PDFs have caused a significant breakthrough in computer file innovation. They work well with all devices and operating systems.


However, these PDFs are not that easy to manage when you do not acquire the necessary instruments. Of course, Adobe programs are ideal for these operations. However, some find it inconvenient to purchase, download, and install these programs due to time constraints. What people need is instant access to PDF editing tools that do not require any payment!


Free, Safe, and Easy To Use

Many people are challenged with these PDFs, even with the simple task of performing an unlock PDF. Good news for you, we now have a free, safe, and easy-to-use PDF tool to perform these tasks! PDFBear is one of the best PDF instruments available in the market for free PDF tasks and conversions. It is a trustworthy online platform as it works with Solid Documents.


Although PDFBear also has a PRO membership at an affordable price, most of its services are free. One of the main reasons professionals most prefer this specific file format is its security features. You can safeguard your document content with password protection in this format. If you do not have any of those paid Adobe programs, try PDFBear.


So how is PDFBear safe to use? This website never settles for mediocrity and adheres to the best security standards. With their highly-secured security system and safe SSL connection, you are given the assurance that your uploaded files are automatically removed from the web within a 1-hour interval.


The ways to lock and unlock your PDFs using this website are quite elementary. Take note that you must have these three before using PDFBear: your device, PDF file, and good internet connection. And you can perform any PDF task within less than a minute as this website operates fast and efficiently.


Using PDFBear’s Password-Protect Function

Provided all the information stated above, we can now have the confidence to upload our confidential data to PDFBear and process them according to our needs. If you need to apply extra protection to your PDF document, you can use the password-protect function of this website. Any search engine or web browser can work perfectly with this website.


Start by going to the PDFBear home page and click on “Protect PDF.” Then, you can start to upload your PDF document and apply your preferred personalized password or passcode. The server will suggest that you mix capital letters, symbols, and numbers to have a stronger password. Encrypt your PDF and download it right away!


Decrypting Your Locked PDFs 

This free and safe online tool is only intended for personal use. You can only access encrypted PDFs if you are the authorized person to do so. Highly-encrypted PDFs or top-secret data cannot be tracked using this tool as this is solely for light security locks. Hackers cannot take advantage of this tool for sneaky and unpleasant purposes.


To decrypt your locked PDF, you can start by choosing the “Unlock PDF” function from PDFBear’s home page. Then, you can drag and drop your locked PDF to the server’s dropbox. After your file uploads, tick the box to signify that you are the authorized person to open the file and input your password or passcode. Click “Decrypt PDF” and save your file!


More Functions To Offer

Aside from the smooth and efficient PDF protection operations, PDFBear also offers more free services! Its most highlighted function is the PDF converter, where you can transfigure your PDF to other file formats and the other way around. Without tools like this website, this process is barely possible and can only be performed by highly-technical computer experts.


Some also find it challenging to have huge PDFs. With this website, you can solve this problem within seconds! You can take advantage of its effective PDF compress to shrink your PDF to its least possible size without compromising its quality. You can also edit your PDF pages by using its split, merge, and delete PDF pages.



Provided on how competitive the corporate world is nowadays, it is best always to prioritize safety. This can also go for our electronic files, and we must make sure that the programs and platforms we use are safe and reliable. PDFBear is an excellent example of a free, safe, and easy-to-use web-based platform.


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