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PC Configuration for Gaming Guide by PC Power Up

PC configuration is an art that should not be taken lightly. Each part has its location and, depending on the brand, some things can vary significantly. Although updating your PC has been made easier in recent years by PC Power Up site, it is still accessible to everyone. This article will tell you what you should also look out for if you want to assemble and build your own computer.

PC Cases:-

PC cases come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. The choice is not just a matter of taste. From a formal point of view, you need at least a housing that fits the motherboard, i.e. offers enough space and the appropriate holes.

This is guaranteed by uniform standards. Pay attention to names like ATX, µATX and Mini-STX. A Mini-STX board fits into a housing approved for Mini-STX, etc. In addition, the dimensions of other components also play a role. For example, an elegant slim case can offer too little space for a particularly bulky CPU cooler or the extra-long graphics card does not fit into it.

Power Supply:-

When choosing a power supply unit, make sure that it has enough plugs in the right formats so that you can connect all the devices you want. You should also plan where each device will be located in the housing. The cable strands must be correspondingly long and the plugs must be in the correct position on the cable. You can use adapters that you can find in specialist shops to adapt individual plugs to your devices. With Ryzen 5000, depending on the model, you have to be careful that there are two 8-pin cables for the CPU (1x 8 xs or 2x 4 xs each).

SSD and Hard Drive:-

Operating system, programs and data – your PC reads all of this from (at least) one drive when it starts up and while it is working. In all of our construction proposals, we rely on SSD drives (Solid State Drive), which work much faster than the hard drive due to the lack of moving parts. The latter is only tolerated in modern PCs – as a slower, but cheaper alternative to the SSD if there is a large storage requirement.

There are also huge differences in performance between SSDs. This is not only due to the performance of different manufacturers, but all to the connection via which the SSD is connected to the motherboard.

Graphic Card:-

The manufacturers AMD and NVIDIA dominate the graphics card market. Your GPUs (Graphic Processing Unit, i.e. graphics processing unit) are installed on most graphics cards, regardless of the manufacturer. Graphics cards with the same GPU are always similarly fast. The differences lie mainly in details such as the memory equipment, the cooling system, the design, the overall height, etc. Only when you, as a passionate gamer, delve deeper into the subject matter, the small differences in performance that are achieved, for example, through factory over-clocking, play a role for the Purchase decision.

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