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Ordering a Casket Online
Ordering a Casket Online


Ordering a Casket Online: 4 Different Materials To Consider

Buying a casket online is not the same as buying it in person. As much as it is convenient and easy, an image cannot clearly represent the real thing. However, knowing what you want before buying a casket online will help you make the right choice. It also goes a long way to buy from a good casket shop with plenty of positive reviews and great displays.

To buy a suitable casket online, you need to know the kind of material you want. That is an essential aspect of the casket. Many factors determine the type of material you choose, but we shall discuss four materials you can consider for a coffin.

4 Different Materials To Consider for Caskets

1.    Wood Caskets

There are two types of wood for caskets: hardwood and softwood. Hardwood caskets are made from oak, mahogany, satinwood, cherry, and poplar. If you want a coffin that is durable, comfortable, and with a great design, hardwood caskets are your go-to. Softwoods like pine are used for cremation caskets.

These caskets are metal-free and eco-friendly, making them the best option for people who want to cremate the body. You can order a wooden casket online and deliver it safely wherever you want. Visit the site for a wide range of affordable wooden coffins.

2.    Metal Caskets

Metallic caskets are usually made of steel. Steel is an excellent material for durable and airtight caskets. The metallic casket will prevent dirt and water from getting into the coffin, but it will not prevent body decomposition.

It is a good option for traditional burial as it cannot decompose or damage. Most people go for a metallic casket when they want a long-lasting casket. The finish on the steel also makes the casket look beautiful. Note that you can customize the caskets to fit your needs.

3.    Seagrass Caskets

Caskets made from seagrass are usually hand woven. If you are looking for an eco-friendly option, then this is it. Seagrass grows on fields, and once buried, it breaks down without leaving anything that cannot decompose.

These types of caskets are also suitable for cremation. Seagrass is easy to burn, and it burns entirely into ashes. You can purchase a seagrass casket online for cremation or even a traditional burial.

4.    Clothed Caskets

These caskets are made from particle boards covered in cloth and designed to your liking. Most people will go for these because of their affordability. They are also quite flexible when it comes to styling and customizing. A cloth casket is as good as any other casket, and if you buy from the right vendor, you will get a very comfortable and high-quality casket.


Finding the suitable material for caskets depends on the type of burial and the design you want for the coffins. Steel, wood, cloth, and willow are some of the most common casket materials. Pick one based on your needs and order your casket online today. You can easily get the casket of your choice with a click of a button.

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