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Order matching engine as a core component of a crypto exchange
Order matching engine as a core component of a crypto exchange


Order matching engine as a core component of a crypto exchange

According to Coinmarketcap, the overall number of crypto exchanges exceeds 400. Despite the fast-growing number of crypto-holders, the industry is fiercely competitive, and trading platforms are claimed to provide their clients with the best conditions.

What is the primary goal of such a platform? Cryptocurrency exchanges enable traders and investors to buy and sell digital assets easily. When a business owner is going to create cryptocurrency exchange, every component does matter. An order matching engine is among the core ones.

What is a matching engine in simple terms?

Business owners need to start with an understanding of what such a component means and which functions a matching engine performs.

OME (order matching engine) is a giant electronic system that collects all the orders placed by a trader (both bid and ask ones). The system matches bid and ask orders that correspond to each other by the price. As such, OME is responsible for trades.

A matching engine is based upon the algorithms looking for the correspondence between the bid and ask orders. Furthermore, those algorithms process limit orders, stop-limit orders, and other types available on a certain exchange.

OMEs are driven by different algorithms, but the FIFO (First In, First Out) algorithm is the most widespread solution for business owners who want to start a crypto exchange. When two identical orders are in the order book, the system processes the one placed earlier.

Key characteristics of a matching engine

The market offers different solutions; meanwhile, a business owner needs to compare available order matching engines to understand which option is ready to boost their exchanges. Take the following characteristics into account:

  1. How many requests are fulfilled in one second? Reliable providers offer OMEs that process 10 000+ requests per second.
  2. What is the minimum trade processing? High-level engines execute orders within 0.05 milliseconds, enabling traders to rely on diverse trading strategies.
  3. Does a provider offer 24/7 support? Business owners may face a string of hurdles; this is why qualitative customer support sometimes plays a crucial role.

On the other hand, a business owner creating a crypto exchange may develop an OME on his (her) own; meanwhile, solutions suggested by reliable brands help newer entrants remain competitive in the industry.

B2Trader, a solution you are looking for

Crowds of business owners are not satisfied with a good matching engine, seeking the best one. B2Trader matches this definition exactly, as the engine processes 10 000 orders per second, starting with 0.05 milliseconds for a request. What is even more important – the solution is available in three different packages – choose features you truly need.

B2Broker, a company that released the OME, provides business owners with 24/7/365 technical support to solve any problems instantly.


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