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Online protection services
Online protection services

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Online protection services: what types do you have?

Are you looking for an online protecting service, or maybe want more information to decide if you and your company need any? There are several ways to protect your website and company for web pirates. An anti-piracy service is a service that can monitor unlawful online distribution, but can also alert you when there is suspicious activity going on at your website. Do you want to know more about this? We tell you everything about online protection services in this blog.

Brand protection

Do you want to protect your brand from piracy? This can be done by using anti-piracy software. On the long hole, this solution has lots of benefits: such as increasing sales. In the first place, the anti-piracy software finds infringements in your website by monitoring engines, but also by exploring piracy databases. Does the software find anything that is stolen from your website? Then this will be deleted, of course. That way, you know for sure that your products will remain unique. Brand protection takes form in anti-piracy protection, but also in anti-counterfeiting and application protection.

Threat intelligence

Another way to protect your website is by using threat intelligence solutions. Such solutions investigate how much your website is at risk for pirating. By using applications that investigate the dark web for leaks or investigate data leaks within your company. They even have solutions for companies that want to be monitored continuously. If a monitoring company finds a thread or leak, you will get notified immediately.

Advise your team

Even the most smart and scrupulous cyberteams can learn something from new technologies. After all, things on the web change fast and frequently. By training your employees to be alert and use the new software programs, you avoid problems caused by piracy. Make sure to provide a training or information session every once in a while.

Want to do something about cyber piracy?

Have you found yourself or someone you know at risk for online piracy? As we tried to show, piracy takes form in different ways, but can nevertheless be a high risk for your company. At Onsist we help you with everything that comes to monitoring your website and company. Onsist offers a variety of anti pirate packages to make sure your brand is protected in every way. In addition to that, you can monitor their findings in an overview of the statistics and results. That way, you can rest assured that your website and other tools are taken care of. Better safe than sorry!

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