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Online Classes
Online Classes
Online Classes: The Need of The Hour


Online Classes: The Need of The Hour

The coronavirus pandemic will forever leave an indelible impression on all our lives. It led to the implementation of lockdown all across the world and this has led to shutting down of every institution in a city, a school or college or office. As a result, people got stuck at their homes and were only allowed to leave in cases of availing necessary things or during an emergency. But both life and work must go on. This gave to the rise of a huge work from home scenario for office goers and online classes for the school and college students.

Benefits of Online Classes

Online virtual classes were a part of many schools and colleges but in lesser frequency. Due to the extreme restrictions of going out, this frequency increased at a great limit. All the schools and colleges started to take classes online on the internet. These ensured not only the proper scheduling of ongoing academic sessions but also kept the students in the cycle of education and learning. Apart from that, virtual online classes have a lot of advantages too:

  • It is convenient. Online classes are not dependent on location and need no travelling. Thus, it saves time. This made it easier for the students to learn about the topic, analyse it and submit their coursework on time with a lot of ease anytime anywhere. They students and the teachers got the freedom to interact and engage with each other at a time that fits their schedule.
  • Time management is effectively done. For the working-class adults, online classes provide the correct environment to maintain a balance between education, work and family. This helps in management of time effectively and efficiently.
  • Helps in sharpening the digital skills. Apart from getting knowledge and skills on the academic subjects, one gets the advantage of nurturing their digital online skills too. Once a person becomes well-equipped with handling the online learning solutions, one will become confident and productive using the online tools for learning. 
  • Affordable. A real classroom is really expensive to set up and the various resources have to be gathered well to conduct the class properly. Whereas conducting online classes almost requires no capital, just a few basic things like a laptop and a good internet connection. It helps in bringing up new students with no extra cost to build classrooms and helps in making a lot of profits.
  • Immediate declaration of results. Unlike the normal eczema system, you do not have to wait for weeks for the results to be published. But in case of online classes and courses, the results get automatically corrected by the system and the students gets the results soon.

Key Features of The Online Classes

The key features on online virtual classes are:

  1. It puts no restrictions on time and location and the session is conducted globally to let everyone communicate and collaborate.
  2. It is an affordable mode of learning. You need to travel to various locations to get knowledge about a topic or get help with writing papers for your research.
  3. A single session for an online class can be recorded by the teacher. So you do not have to repeat a part of the topic if the student has missed it or the student can also check the recorded video to get knowledge about the topic.
  4. Online classes are a great opportunity to individually assess the students and let them place their opinion one after the other and explain with the help of presentations and using the virtual white board.

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