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Obtaining Even Skin Tone and Remedies for Pigmentation

One of the most common skin care problems is having an uneven skin tone or unwelcome pigmentation.  This comes in a variety of forms and manifestations.  It can be painful, unsightly, and make us not feel confident in our appearances as we move through our lives.

Reclaiming our self-confidence is important.  I consider it an issue near and dear to my heart, as I have issues with this as well.  That is why I think it’s so good to create a skin care routine and follow it to take care of this vital part of our bodies!

What Causes Uneven Skin Tones?

Unfortunately, there are plenty of reasons for these skin issues.  It can be difficult to get to the root of the issue.  For some more informationyou can look here at this website, but I have some helpful tips as well!

You’ll probably want to begin with visiting a dermatologist if you never have.  They can help identify what the reasons behind your uneven pigmentation.  After all, it is very difficult to determine what ingredients we should be using on our bodies if we do not know our own causes!

One of the most common causes is over exposure to the sun.  Frequenters of tanning salons or the beach might know what I am talking about!  If you find yourself sitting in the sun really often, you might develop sunspots on your skin.  These can be lighter or darker than your original tone andcan range from almost invisible to quite obvious.

Another cause is scarring from pimples or a bug bite.  You know how doctors and probably your mother and/or your father have told you not to pop your pimples?  Well – there’s a reason!  The scarring that can result from popping can cause marks on your skin that are hard to get away.  Scratching at a bug bite can also leave a similar scar.

Other Factors

There are a few other sneaky causes behind uneven skin tone and pigmentation.  Most of these are linked to acne and what can cause it.  One of the biggest perpetrators is hormones.  For more information on why hormones can cause breakouts, you can look at Cleveland Clinic page.

Of course, what we eat tends to have a big impact on our bodies.  This only makes sense, after all!  Consuming a lot of junk food can be a reason for breakouts.  One of the specific kinds that causes acne is chocolate – a true tragedy, given how delicious it is, but if you’re prone to breakouts you might want to avoid it!

If you’re an athlete, you might notice that you get more acne in certain spots due to types of clothing or garments.  Helmets and hats can make sweat build up.  Because these blemishes are due to pores clogging with dirt, sweat, or dead skin cells, these things can mean you’re in for an unfortunate breakout.

One final thing that I will touch upon is stress.  When we are stressed out, our bodies release more of a hormone called cortisol.  This chemical often causes acne to occur.  Especially when it is in tandem with certain medications, like an anti-anxiety or anti depression pill!

How to Avoid These Issues?

This part is actually a bit easier than it might seem.  There are a lot of different options to take for skin care, and because it is so personal, you really are not limited in your search!  For example, you could consider this website, or google search with an ingredient you’re looking for.

Forming a routine is something that we should definitely look into.  Because I’m so prone to acne breakouts and scarring, I always make sure to stock up on my favorite skin care products each month.

Keeping track of our products can help with this.  I have a check list that I go over to take inventory.  After all, consistency in our skin care is super important.  Changing our routine and products too much can actually cause more breakouts.  That’s why I pick one or two brands and stick with them once I find something I like!  Otherwise, the problem might actually get worse.

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