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door stopper wall protector
door stopper wall protector

Home Improvement

No drill is the thrill!

Everybody loves making their house & office space look as Pinterest-y as it can be but hate paying the costs for damaged walls when the lease ends. Make your space look personalized with these No Drill DIYs. From wallpaper to book holder to hanging picture frames it can all be done without leaving a mark on your wall. This will not only save your wall from the damage but will also allow you to change these items from time to time without the fear of hiding drill marks.

No Bang, No Damage!

Get your wall paints or wall papers to last longer with a door stopper wall protector. An adhesive door knob wall protector helps you with a hassle-free installation. It avoids loud bangs that damage your walls plus these are adhesive, so it also saves your walls from drill holes. These door stopper wall protectors take seconds to install and can be used for multiple purposes apart from door stopper like for toilet seat cover which bangs pretty loud when it hits the flush tank.

Mirror Mirror on the wall!

You can now hang mirrors in your space as per your height requirement with no drill. You can easily find damage free hang mirrors online on multiple portals. These are not even too pricey for the benefits they provide. It also provides small hooks and ledge to hold items you require on the go. It also removes cleanly without leaving bubbles on wallpaper or scrapping off the paint. Get that mirror hanging without damage and catch a look at yourself.

Stick the hook!

Do you like to hang your keys and on the go items in your entryway but fear to drill holes in the entrance? Then you should definitely opt for these adhesive hooks which are pretty easy to stick and are absolutely damage free. These can easily be removed and replaced on any other wall or space without leaving any marks. It can hang a heavy set of keys or coats without falling off from the wall. If you don’t like the adhesive option, then you can also go for the ones that stick on the wall through suction.

Wall Art!

You wish your space to look more personalized yet damage free? Get the removable wall design stickers as per your choice and customization. These damage free wall papers can brighten up the space with your vibe and can make it look fresh. You can opt for any color and design you would like. However, you need to clean your walls to avoid dust or dirt to stick in between stickers and wall. Also, these need to be removed gently to avoid any scrape off on the wall.

Where is the remote!

Don’t you find it annoying when suddenly you can’t find the air-conditioning/TV remote, or you are all comfy on the sofa and suddenly feel the need to change channels but remote is just too far? Get stick on damage free remote holder and stick it right beside your sofa. It can hold multiple remotes/phones at a time and is pretty accessible if installed as per your accessibility read more visit this website :

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