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New Social Media Trends
New Social Media Trends

Social Media

New Social Media Trends that will Put You Ahead of the Competition

Competition is all about growth and becoming better. One of the most effective kinds of competition is the one that you have with yourself. Having a brand and developing a company requires developing a strong and solid marketing strategy. Using social media for promoting a product or service is an important sub-strategy. Being quite  experienced in doing business you must clearly know how to utilize its full potential ( features and all). However, that’s where competition with yourself comes forward. Even if you think that you have conquered a social media world in terms of doing business, there is always more to the story. Here are some tips to spice up your list of ideas.

Getting real

Even though social media legal control is improving, it still lacks some trust sometimes. People tend to believe real people online.They must see through the life of a brand-creator, especially through the part where the brand is being used. Also, engage in communications, go to your followers’ pages and compliment them on obviously becoming healthier/happier/stronger/more confident ( depending on what thing you offer). Let them know that you are one of the guys. You know your audience needs,you help to satisfy those, but the content on your accounts should never presume you being above your people, solely a tangible  part of the group.


Never tighten your budget when it comes to choosing a graphic design software. Visual representation of your social media content is crucial for overtaking the competition. Posts, headers, stories, videos…All of that should be visually adorned with the latest design trends. The main idea is to communicate  the message  and keep the brand identity intact. Let’s say, if the theme color of your handmade soap is yellow and pink, then still make sure to incorporate these colors in your Christmas sale posters ( red and green, please, budge).

Re-approaching  your video format

Re-approaching your video format

Creation of video content is not a discovery. It’s just been gaining more momentum recently. Just analyze what videos will best advertise you for the audience. The knowledge of it is supposed to appear  from your live communication with your audience. Let them give you a hint of what to film and expose. Usually, videos that ask for emotions ( provoking empathy in particular), show product creation process, have happy customers singing praises about their unique experience. Just, make sure they differ from what the competition’s side has. You can always save your time and use stock video clip.

User-generated content

User-generated content

The more content created by your happy customers, the more validity and trust for your brand. Sincere, real, creative are best to market your product for the wider audience. If, for example, there is somebody real who gained such an obvious success in learning Chinese thanks to your educational program, then there is a chance that others will want to experience it for the similar effect. Encourage more content ( honest one) of such kind by offering some pleasant bonuses.

Micro-influencer marketing

While entrepreneurs are chasing after well-known influencers to say something nice about their creation and ready to pay big money for that. It may be proven effective, however, totally not budget-friendly. Moreover, you have to get in line in order to fight for a spot on an influencer’s waiting list. Unnecessary energy loss and stress  gained are guaranteed. What if you try and collaborate with a micro-influencer, the one with less reach, though still popular and enough followed. Search for the representatives and see who might best transmit the value of your work.


Whatever marketing acts are performed on your social media accounts for business, you have to stay true to who you are and what you do. Honesty is still the best policy. Therefore, no matter what trends you implement to leave competition behind, make sure to avoid fake and sham. Be open, respect your audience and always upgrade the quality of your product alongside with your SMM knowledge, then there is a path clear of competitors, since all of them are far behind.

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