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Must have bathroom accessories
Must have bathroom accessories

Life Style

Must have bathroom accessories

Home is what you come to after a long day at work and it is almost crucial to have a great environment to relax and spend your time doing whatever you want.

Relaxing in your personal space can effectively increase your peace of mind and consequently, your productivity.

Having good furniture around or having accessories that make your life easier is not just for convenience or to add a touch of sophistication, but it can genuinely uplift your mood because it gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

Nevertheless, these accessories come with hygiene and convenience benefits that are all the more reasons to have them around to feel like you’ve got it all sorted.

When we say home, we also mean the bathroom because that is where you actually unwind. And with these bathroom accessories, you can redefine your standard of living!

     1. Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are essential when it comes to hygiene as they will help eliminate moisture after you’ve washed your hands, reducing the risk of contracting germs or microbes which could be deadly.

Hand Dryers

As they promote hygiene, they are the need of the hour right now, because hand hygiene after the covid-19 outbreak has become quintessential.

They can effectively eradicate germs from your hands and get rid of moisture so you won’t be contaminating them, everytime you touch something. They can kill 99% germs and bacteria, that could possibly cause you a number of ailments.

They also are an economical and eco-friendly investment, as they reduce the usage of toilet paper or tissues.

And of course, they also add a touch of style to your bathroom space! Some designs are made to accentuate the entire look of a modern bathroom.

     2. Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are one of the most useful products as they operate without any touch, shrinking your risk of contracting any kind of germs. Typically, mounted to your bathroom wall, these devices could uplift your hygiene standards.

Their inbuilt sensors facilitate them to detect skin under and nozzle and disburse a generous amount of sanitizer that is enough for both hands, avoiding you to manually touch it.

Their infrared motion sensor technology enables them to function without touch, giving you extremely hygienic hands at a time when hand hygiene is important.

They’re also very fancy and their designs can complement the look of your bathroom.

     3. Soap/hand wash dispensers

Automatic soap or hand wash dispensers can dispense an adequate amount of soap that can wash both your hands and also protect you from any kind of contamination as they are hands free of operation.

They can also protect your liquid soap or hand wash from unpredictable climatic conditions,  chemicals and other infections that can cause the soap’s shelf life to deteriorate eventually.

hand wash dispensers

Their design is usually sleek and stylish, to bring about a contemporary look to your bathroom. It is a very simple touch to make your bathroom space look modish and at the same time, provide you with utmost hygiene.

It is also an economical investment as it helps you save money on liquid soap or hand wash.

It helps you save time and is very easy to refill the device with liquid soap and usually messy-free.

     4. Tissue Dispensers

Tissue dispensers are made to do exactly what they sound like! They dispense tissues, reducing the wastage of tissues from tissue rolls.

They very conveniently work on a simple lever technique that can help you pull out a tissue everytime you need one.

Tissue dispensers come in a variety of designs that can also add to the look of your bathroom and increase your bathroom hygiene.

Tissue Dispensers

     5. Automatic Water taps

Automatic water taps are one of the most economical and eco-friendly accessories that you can have in your bathroom, while also making your life simpler with the amazing technology of no-touch operation.

Saving upto 70% of water, these taps can add to the modish look of your bathroom space and can conserve 3-5% of the entire amount of water used by a regular household.

Automatic taps use infrared detection to turn on or turn off the tap accordingly.

The sensor in the faucet valve turns on as your hands come within close contact of the spout, bouncing the infrared light off your skin and to the detector.

They’re really useful at a time when touching things can contract you to a lot of germs.

Automatic Water taps

     6. Urinal Flushers

Urinal Flushers

Automatic urinal sensors are designed to make your bathroom experience easier and they also can be stylish touch to your bathroom.

They use infrared technology and detection principle to sense the user’s heat as he sits down or the toilet seat or stands in front of it and automatically flushes after he’s done with his business.  he’s done.

So, you’ll never forget about flushing again, because the urinal flusher is built to have that covered for you!



7. Sanitary Napkin Dispenser

Sanitary and menstrual hygiene is extremely crucial for a woman’s health as it is very important for her to maintain a hygienic environment during that time of the month.

In that case, sanitary care products and accessories have come to your rescue as if they heard your cries! Sanitary Napkin Dispensers will help you throw out used sanitary napkins, making it really convenient for you to dispose them.

As an initiative towards promoting and advocating cleanliness during a woman’s menstrual cycle, sanitary disposal machines were initially designed to give you comfort, while you could sit back and rest.

     8. Automatic perfume dispensers

Automatic perfume dispensers will make your bathrooms so much more pleasant, eliminating any kind of unwanted or unpleasant smells, making the air aromatic and delightful for the next person.

So, once you’re done using the bathroom, there won’t be any smelly odours left behind because these automatic perfume dispensers will take care of that for you!

Along with removing odours and leaving your bathroom smelling fresh and clean, an automatic air freshener or perfume dispenser is a classy touch to your bathroom space.

     9. Concave mirrors

Concave mirrors

Concave mirrors are one of the most stylish accessories and can add a posh touch to your bathroom space and also help you get dressed better to feel more confident.

Concave mirrors can enable you to get a better view of your face because they work on the principle of reflecting light inward to one focal point.

They can also help you wear your makeup easily or shave better, making you feel confident as you step out.

     10. Washroom fittings

A variety of washroom fittings can make your bathroom look fashionable, while also being extremely helpful.

Washroom fittings

* A twin coat hook where you can hang towels, clothes, etc., designed to provide you with an effortless bathroom experience.

* A toilet paper holder that can help you pull toilet paper out easily.

* Steel grab bar to hold your towels and clothes while you enjoy a shower.

* Grab bars that are compact and flexible for those who’re limited to mobility and dexterity enabling them to use the bathroom easily.

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