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Moving Blankets: Why Should You Use Them When Packing?

Whether it’s 1st or nth time, moving to a new location is a time-consuming and hectic process.

And when you have to self-pack, load and unload your belongings safely, it can be more challenging.

However, to make the whole relocation process smooth and stress-free, it’s recommended to hire a professional moving company. Visit and request a moving quote.

Moving Blankets

While relocating, you will need plenty of moving blankets to ensure your items reach safely at the new address.

Herein, we are sharing 5 reasons why moving blankets are worth the investment:

1.   Protects the floor and walls

While moving heavy items like dressers, dining tables, sofas and refrigerators, it’s likely that your floors and walls may get damaged.

Protects the floor and walls

So, whether you’re carrying your bulky stuff down the stairs or through the entrance, wrap your items with moving blankets as it

  • offers an extra layer of safety
  • acts as a barrier between your stuff and the floors/walls
  • prevents scratches and nicks
  • protects all your furniture and electronic items against any damages

2.   Keeps your belongings clean

Do you know moving blankets can keep your belongings clean and free from dirt?

While moving, your stuff accumulates dirt and dust from the moving vehicle and if it’s raining or storming outside, your items could also end up getting dirty or damaged.

Fortunately, wrapping your items with moving blankets protects them from getting dusty and prevents them from any damage.

3.   Prevents your belongings from unruly sliding in moving truck

When the truck is in motion, your items are prone to slide here and there and may get knocked around. However, covering your belongings with moving blankets, prevents sliding and unnecessary damage.

4.   Easier to move heavy items

While using a moving dolly or slider are some of the great ways to move and load large and heavy items, it’s sometimes convenient to simply skim the stuff along the floor.

Moving blankets make it easy for you to move heavy furniture or electronic items in and out of a house by sliding them on the floor.

Easier to move heavy items

Just place a moving blanket underneath the furniture and slide the item smoothly.

5.   Prevents furniture legs from breaking

Whether it’s your dining table or sofa set, the legs of the furniture items are very fragile and are highly vulnerable to damage.

However, covering furniture items with moving blankets will provide extra padding, not only to the body but also to the legs of the furniture.

In the end…

Above all, moving blankets are effective padding, cushioning and protecting material ensuring the safe handling and transport of your stuff.

The thicker these are, the higher the protection, else, you could end up with nicked and scratched furnishings, walls and floors.

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