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Motorcycle Gear You Really Need
Motorcycle Gear You Really Need


Motorcycle Gear You Really Need

Motorcycling can be an expensive hobby. Motorcycles aren’t cheap, particularly if you own a special one with a big engine. Collector´s bikes are even more expensive. But buying a motorcycle is just the beginning of a spending spree: theft insurance, accident insurance, gas and equipment will continue to make you spend a lot of money on your hobby. It’s good to know what you really need and what you can easily forego.

A Good Helmet

In many countries of the world, motorcycle helmets are obligatory. But even if they weren’t most motorcyclists should be able to understand why they’re so important. A helmet protects your head from impacts due to a crash or fall. The liner inside of a good helmet is impact-absorbing, which helps conduct the forces of the impact away from your fragile skull. Helmets save lives.

That’s why a motorcycle helmet is the number one piece of equipment that you really need for motorcycling. In order to benefit from it, make sure to purchase a high-quality one that fits you well. After figuring out what kind of helmet is most suitable for the kind of riding you want to do, measure your head circumference and match your shape of head to one of the following: long oval, intermediate oval or round oval. With that knowledge you´ll be able to make a suitable preselection on Before purchasing a helmet, test-wear it for at least half an hour to see if it causes you any discomfort.

Jacket and Pants

Technically, you could wear any kind of shirt, jacket and pants when riding your motorcycle. It’s not rare to see motorcyclists in urban traffic, who are wearing normal clothes. But you should keep in mind that a motorcycle doesn´t offer you any buffers in case of a fall or a crash. Depending on how fast you´re going, a seemingly harmless accident can lead to bad injuries.

In order to avoid that, you should always wear a jacket and pants that were made for motorcycling. First of all, they keep the cold airflow away from you. Second of all, the special material and the safety protectors on the shoulders, elbows and knees can protect your bones from fractures. Make sure to purchase high-quality motorcycle clothing and you can grab it from Shark Leathers store.

Motorcycle Gloves

No matter what kind of motorcycling you´re into – gloves are always a good idea. They reduce the risk of injury in case of an accident and they keep your fingers warm. Some inexperienced motorcyclists underestimate the effect of the cold airflow during the ride. But the cold winds can numb your fingers, which can be really dangerous. Numb fingers react a lot slower than warm fingers. That can result in a delayed operation of your brakes.

Gloves for motorcycling also have another advantage: They keep your hands from getting stung or bitten by insects, which you may hit while riding your bike. Insects are also one of the reasons why you should always make sure to have your entire body covered when riding your motorcycle.

Good Footwear

The lower limbs are the parts of the body that suffer the most from motorcycle accidents. Even the most harmless crashes often lead to broken feet, ankles or shinbones. Boots for motorcycling include protectors and impact-absorbing material that can protect your lower limbs from injuries. That’s why good footwear is definitely something you should invest in.

A Save Driving Experience

You are probably well aware that your hobby is a dangerous one. Motorcycle accidents lead to fatalities a lot more often than car accidents. Protection gear for motorcycling can indeed lower the risk of bad injuries, but, unfortunately, they´re no guarantee for it. As motorcycles usually go really fast and offer no buffer at all, a simple inattention can have a horrible outcome. That’s why, even with the best motorcycle gear, you should always make sure to be on the safe side: don´t speed, go carefully, be attentive and don’t overestimate your skills.

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