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Key things to consider before head shaving

Head shaving can be overwhelming for a lot of people owing to the major change it brings to life, both in terms of appearance and confidence. A majority of the men population tends to suffer from hair loss issues at some point in their life. Well, it’s not just you who’s struggling to find a viable answer to ‘Should I shave my head?’ The increasing number of bald head people and head shaver options in the market has brought clarity to a great extent. However, even if the bald hairstyle is trending, it does not necessarily mean that you should go for it.

If you are wondering whether or not to shave your head, there must be genuine reasons behind it. It can be due to severe hair loss issues like male pattern baldness, genetic flaw, medical problems, or fashion purposes. Yes, interestingly shaved heads have been one of the most trending and classic hairstyles in recent times. Irrespective of the reasons, head shaving is a practical solution that can make you look good, confident, and presentable. Various studies show that bald men are perceived to be more masculine and dominant as compared to others. With a well-groomed shaven head, you no longer have to struggle with low self-esteem or insecurities. Not just improved appearance or looks, a shaved head makes you more comfortable in your own skin.

With so many positives of embracing baldness, you can be your best self by grabbing a head shaver for men and getting rid of thin hairs and receding hairline. There’s no point in holding onto those last messy hair strands that makes you look appalling and not very presentable. Baldness is no longer associated with aging and embarrassment. Rather it is a trending classic look that enhances your personality better. So, if you have decided to get a head shaver and shave your head completely, there are a few things that you must know.

  • Although a shaved head relieves you of unnecessary expenses and efforts, it does require basic care and maintenance. You can’t expect to look good and presentable without regular grooming and upkeep.
  • Having a good quality head shaver for men is essential to ensure a smooth and effortless head shave. Head shaving can be tricky due to the dome head structure. Hence, it is best advised to use a modern head razor with a flexible head.
  • Along with regular grooming and premium shaving tools, it is equally vital to take care of the scalp surface. With the hairs gone, your head is exposed to direct heat and dust. Therefore, it is important to clean and nourish it well to avoid dryness and any sort of infections.

Top 3 things to consider before shaving your head

Now that you know the merits and requisites of shaving your head, you must have made up your mind regarding the same. However, there are 3 things that you should re-think before taking the plunge and shaving your head with a head shaver. Take a look at them:

  • Am I ready to embrace baldness?

This is one of the most important things to consider and think about before actually shaving your head. Once you shave your head, there’s no way you can get it back, at least for a while. Embracing baldness is a completely personal thing that should come from within. No matter whether people around you are encouraging or not, it’s you who’s supposed to take the final call and be sure about the decision. Again, self-confidence is essential irrespective of your appearance and flaws. So, it’s best advised to re-question yourself and be comfortable with the decision you make.

  • Do I have the right shaving tools?

The rising popularity of head shavers has led to an increased number of shaving and grooming products in the market. While every brand is pitching their products in the best manner possible, it is important to choose the right ones that ensure a safe and smooth head shave. Running to a hairstylist or salon every time you need grooming is quite impractical. Hence, make sure to choose the right head-shaving products such as a head shaver for men, quality pre-shave and aftershave lotions, etc. before beginning to shave.

  • Can I spare time for regular maintenance of the bald head?

Even though a head shave eliminates unnecessary expenses, time, and efforts spent on managing hairstyles, it does require basic care and maintenance on a regular basis. Leaving a bald head ungroomed for days can make you look clumsy and unpresentable. Shaving it regularly using a head shaver and taking appropriate care of it is important. Once the scalp is exposed to direct dust and light, it needs to be exfoliated and moisturized on a regular basis. This routine maintenance and upkeep will ensure that the head surface is smooth, soft, and shining.

Bottom Line

Head shaving can be tricky and scary at the same time. Since it’s completely different from other shaving types, it is important to use the right shaving tools and techniques. Therefore, it is important to consider all aspects of head shaving before actually doing it. Having the right head shaver and other essentials is vital. Consider the above-mentioned factors and think it through before shaving your head.

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