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IT Staffing Agencies and Their Provision of Expertise
IT Staffing Agencies and Their Provision of Expertise

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IT Staffing Agencies and Their Provision of Expertise in Different Industries

What is Staffing Agency?

A staffing firm is an organization whose main aim is to provide human resources services to other industries. Staffing firms collect relative information about the position and job description of the companies’ vacant positions and try to fulfill the organization’s labor demands.

Staffing agencies are also called recruiting firms or recruiting agencies that hire temporary or permanent employees to accomplish companies’ needs. They recruit and eventually fill a specific open position on the organization’s behalf.

IT staffing agencies

As we all know that how rapidly the information technology industry is growing and evolving. Many professionals in this field are experiencing continuous double-digit growth. Because of this reason, a four-year degree qualification isn’t always enough. Technical school training, professional certifications, and internships in the relative fieldwork are critical paths for a successful career. IT staffing works as a strategic partner to recognize and place qualified technical talent for a wide range of industries. Their specialized IT staffing division helps organizations recruit and identify high-caliber candidates for single contract and full-time positions or a team of IT professionals for long-term projects. These IT agencies offer a wide range of customizable services in IT solutions. Their flexible staffing solutions ensure the organization to have access to the talent who complete projects on time and under budget.

Here we present the list of some industries where IT staffing provides their experts.

  1. Aerospace Industry

In aerospace, IT staffing offers a comprehensive list of design, engineering, and recruiting solutions. With long-term bonding and preferred supplier status with several aerospace organizations, these recruiters are well-positioned to understand the aerospace industry’s specific needs and assist in recruiting experienced talent to match the company requirements from new product development to aftermarket support.

IT staffing provides expertise in:

  • Electrical/Electronic/system/software Engineering
  • Program/Project Managers
  • Mechanical/lean manufacturing/process Engineers
  • Designers/Drafters
  • Business Systems Analysts
  • Quality Assurance
  • CNC/CMM Programmers
  • Audit/Compliance Specialists
  1. Architecture, Civil & Environment:

Here IT staffing capabilities consist of building structures including HVAC, plumbing and lighting, fire protection, and environmental needs such as roads, railway tracks, pipelines, and bridges.

Recruiter provides expertise in:

  • Civil and Environmental Engineers
  • Architects
  • Program/Project/Construction Managers
  • MEP Engineers
  • Wastewater/Sanitation/natural gas pipeline Engineers
  • Natural Gas Pipe and Fiber Engineers
  • BIM Specialists
  • Estimators
  • Survey Technicians
  1. Automation and robotics:

IT staffing usually has vast experience in the engineering of equipment like machinery, manufacturing process, and control the systems that operate this equipment.

IT staffing provides expertise in:

  • Automation/Robotic Engineers
  • Electrical/Controls Engineers
  • Application/Sales Engineers
  • Business Systems Analysts
  • ERP/MRP Professionals
  • Project Engineers & Managers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Commissioning/Qualification
  • PLC Programming & Troubleshooting
  • Machine Maintenance/Field Service
  • Procurement/Supply Chain
  1. Food and beverages:

Staffing agencies help in food industry sections like confectionary, and ingredient companies, among several others. IT professionals help this industry in various ways, such as designing a new product line or redesigning an existing line to improve production efficiencies.

Recruiters provide expertise in:

  • Electrical/Controls Engineers
  • Packaging Engineers
  • Application/Sales Engineers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Procurement/Supply Chain
  • Production Supervisors & Managers
  • PLC Programming & Troubleshooting
  • Machine Maintenance and operations
  1. Logistics and supply chain:

Staffing agencies provide supply chain management staff with expertise from production to inventory, warehousing to shipment, and the product’s distribution. It also includes the support staff in purchasing raw materials, machinery, and supplies to various industries that produce and sell products.

Staffing agencies provides expertise in:

  • Transportation and logistics Engineers
  • Inventory Management
  • Procurement/Supply Chain
  • Business Systems Analysts
  • CRM/ERP Professionals
  • Commodity Managers
  • Warehouse Management
  • Plant Layout/Optimization
  1. Energy and Utility:

IT staffing helps many organizations and their suppliers in the production, transmission, and distribution of economical electric power worldwide.

They provide expertise in:

  • Electrical/substation/mechanical Engineers
  • Quality/Supplier Quality Engineers
  • Application/Sales Engineers
  • Research and Development Engineers
  • Utility and Pipeline Engineers
  • System/Embedded Engineers
  • Quality Inspectors/Technicians
  • Assembly Technicians
  • Engineering/Manufacturing Leadership


Due to rapid change in the field of information technology, IT skills are in high demand. Leading IT staffing agencies help an organization connect with the very best qualified workforce. Technical induction is becoming a necessary component for business success; organizations need a recruiting partner that understands how essential skills and experience help build a successful business.

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