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Messages to Customers Using WhatsApp API
Messages to Customers Using WhatsApp API

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Is it the right to send Messages to Customers Using WhatsApp API?

Communicate, interact, and stay connected with customers and the target audience from anywhere in the world at any point in time. Isn’t that a great option for business enterprises? Imagine how easy it would be for businesses to ensure customer satisfaction and also get instant feedback on areas they need to improve upon.

Presenting WhatsApp API integration using a single REST API to connect a platform with the app to send and receive messages on a global scale. The WhatsApp API send message feature allows business enterprises to send messages, images, audio and video files to customers and the target audience in bulk. A single click will send messages to millions of people at once.

The end to end encryption will keep the communication safe and secure. Using real-time interactive features, businesses can attract the attention of customers by sending them HD images of the products as a part of the promotional messages.

  • Customer Support
    • Ensure round the clock support to customers by responding instantly to their messages.
    • This can be done manually, though creating bots for the purpose is advisable.
    • Bots substitute the support staff, by taking over the messaging services and sending automated responses to queries and complaints.
    • Answer FAQs and allow support staff to work on troubleshooting.
    • Let the support staff step in at any time and continue the conversation.
    • Turn conversations into transactions by providing links to purchase and pitching the product to customers.
    • Make the conversation engaging and interesting for the customers by providing proper answers to their questions.
    • Alternate between bots and humans and make sure that the issue is solved for a customer.
    • Never miss a message from a customer. Keep track of all messages.
  • Send Timely Notifications
    • Informational messages such as updates about order bookings, order sent, delivered, etc. can be sent to customers via WhatsApp instead of SMS.
    • All messages sent to or received from a customer can be viewed at one place as each customer has a separate chat box.
    • Service reminders, feedback on services provided can also be handled.
  • Expand Customer Base
    • One way to get the attention of a person is to send them customized details of a product or a service.
    • Help customers find the products or services they are searching for.
    • Provide appropriate links and take them to the purchase website.
    • Send messages about offers, discounts, deals, etc. and make the customer feel cherished.
  • Customize the Assistant
    • Give the business a specific identity on WhatsApp.
    • Add a name, display picture, greeting messages, etc. to make the experience real.
    • When customers think they are talking to a human rather than a bot, they experience higher satisfaction with the business.

Use a single API to build seamless conversations across various platforms. There are many companies that provide reliable services to use WhatsApp API send message services from one platform. The companies offer technical support and assistance throughout the day. Any glitches in the system will be solved as soon as possible so that the business enterprises do not suffer loss.

So, which businesses and organizations can opt for these services? The answer is simple. Any firm, enterprise, agency, government-related, banking solutions, cottage industries, irrespective of the size and volume of their entity can go for the WhatsApp API integration and use the app to enrich the customer experience.

Many leading enterprises have already moved on to WhatsApp by using the services of the companies. They are now using WhatsApp Business app to get closer to their customers by gaining early access to the app. The numbers of customers for each business entity are tied to a database. Similar to how the individual chat boxes are available on our WhatsApp, the platform offers the same to businesses. The sessions are recorded and tracked for future references.

Replied from bots and support staff are saved in a separate database that is maintained for individual business enterprises by the service providers. The companies are handling the process efficiently and making sure that businesses are getting positive results from the WhatsApp API integration.


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