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Is Enterprise Architecture consulting a prerequisite to Digital Transformation
Is Enterprise Architecture consulting a prerequisite to Digital Transformation

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Is Enterprise Architecture consulting a prerequisite to Digital Transformation?

With no single definition present, Enterprise Architecture (EA) refers to a metaphysical layout to achieve an organization’s current and future goals. EA delivers value by lodging the practice of analyzing the business situation and implementing possible solutions, helping businesses going through digital transformations.

Concepts of Enterprise Architecture (EA) may vary inter organizational and at intra organizational level. For example, strategies applied in a marketing firm may vary with the strategies applied in an IT firm with differences in their sub departments.

The purpose of EA includes creating a map of the IT assets and functioning of a business process, directed by a detailed guidance of required changes. EA helps multiple departments to identify their gaps and principles with a more detailed discussion.

The working model of EA includes business demanding information which is derived in a data form after analyzing the data with possible omissions. The application is done in technological infrastructure, with the benefits of elimination of inefficient and redundant processes and facilitating collaborations between departments. Followed by a few challenges including time management, inflexibility, Difficulty in documentation and complete integration. TechAhead, delivering over 60 projects in recent years, has a proven expertise across businesses and industries.

The collection of processes, templates and tools that are used to create enterprise architecture are referred to as enterprise architecture framework (EA framework). The basic components that make up the creation of an enterprise architecture framework include description, design methodology and organization.

  • The details of architecture should highlight how the enterprise will be documented, as well as how the documentation can be comprehended from multiple viewpoints.
  • The design method documents the processes the enterprise architects should follow when modeling enterprise architecture. Processes can be organized into phases, which when collated, generate a holistic view of the enterprise architecture.
  • The organization of an EA framework should be well thought over and documented so that employee skill sets are coordinated and optimized for maximum output and efficiency. The framework should also document skills gaps so training can be conducted.

One of the main aspects of the enterprise architecture consulting process includes executing strategies in an organization. First rule of implementation includes checking whether the business foundation is strong enough or not. Business foundation includes all the major and minor possible resources. All Mobile App Development Company may not have human resources with the same working speed and intelligence, which coordinates all people’s activities. To maintain functioning at a higher level order processes managers need to create synchronization in the routine tasks for a valid and reliable outcome. The balance and distribution of work accordingly is a must.

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