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Chainless Bicycle
Chainless Bicycle


Introducing the Chainless Bicycles by SteedCycles

Introducing the chainless bicycles for improved performance and quality of cycling.

Bicycle usage has been decreasing day by day. Only a few people are using the bicycle as a mode of transport and a few portions using it as a cycling hobby.

Here comes a bicycle giant, Steedcycles who introduced a chainless bicycle.

steedcycles propeller shaft driven mechasim


A Quick Comparison between Traditional Bicycle and Chainless Bicycle

  • In traditional Bicycles, due to aging and usage, the chain may slip anytime from the gears in between the travel making it difficult to reach your destination on time. This drawback has been overcome by the chainless bicycle where the propeller shafts are used instead of bicycle chains.
  • There are higher chances for the chain collapse in the tradition geared bicycles. In the chainless bicycle, the possibility of collapse is nil as there is no chain involved.
  • The traditional bicycle requires a higher maintenance cost whereas in a chainless bicycle the maintenance cost is extremely low.
  • The lifetime of a chain and gears are around 3000 kilometers wheres in the lifetime of the propeller shaft is around 15000 kilometers according to Steedcycles.
Steercycles India Chainless cycles with gear and without geared cycles available


Features of Chainless Bicycles

Elegant Design

The space occupied by the propeller shaft is extremely low and so making it interesting to look. The credit goes to the propeller shaft drive system.

Smooth Driving

In traditional cycles, there might be some unpleasant noise while shifting gears and even during normal pedaling whereas in chainless bicycle the noise level is extremely low (literally zero).

No Greasy Experience

As the propeller shafts are covered by an outer cover in the chainless bicycles, the chances for greasy strains are extremely low. Cool feature Nah.

Increased Performance

The performance is comparatively good and stable because of the inclusion of propeller shafts. Lubrication is not needed in this type of cycle.

Chainless Bicycle Single Speed Suspension Fork


Drawbacks of Chainless Bicycles


  • The main drawback is cost as we can get electric bikes at this cost and it can support manually pedaling too and electric bikes can be used even to travel 50 kilometers in a single charge. (Note: You should also take the cost of electric bills here.) Maybe in the future, we can expect is economical pricing.
Steedcycles Chainless Bicycle for Women


Whom it would suit?

  • Stunt Professionals
  • Students (Both school and college)
  • Hobby Cyclers
  • Working Professionals
  • Exercise Enthusiasts
  • Fitness Geeks
Steedcycles Three Speed Syspension Fork



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