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Introducing Tailgate Detection Systems From Verkada
Introducing Tailgate Detection Systems From Verkada

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Introducing Tailgate Detection Systems From Verkada

Many offices have added security systems to their companies. Whether it’s in-person security or security cameras, businesses have taken steps to keep their workplaces safe. One of the occurrences that these security systems must tackle daily is tailgating.

Tailgating is a common issue for offices, no matter the industry. We’ll focus on tailgate detection systems that were created by security systems industry leader Verkada.

Tailgating Defined

For individuals who work in security, tailgating is a genuine issue. During tailgating, a physical security breach happens. An unauthorized person follows an authorized person to enter a physically secure area. Businesses often find themselves at a loss for how to deal with tailgating. Many companies such as have done their best to prevent this from happening. Though most employees understand the dangers of this practice, many others continually ignore the rules of accessibility for their places of business.

The effects of tailgating can have a harmful effect on many businesses. Whether you’re running a company in San Mateo, CA, or Chicago, IL, the consequences of tailgating will be the same. If you let a person inside who isn’t supposed to be in your building, you can be subjected to harmful violence. In addition to that, you leave your company open to data breaches when an unwanted person is let in because of tailgating. In addition to that, there’s a good chance that someone will steal your office equipment and computer software. Any theft from your company can result in economic loss, which can affect your overall financial bottom line. Tailgating is a practice that many employees understand, but often do little to prevent.

Tailgate Prevention Technology

Technology can now deal with tailgating. Companies like Verkada have made it their point to tackle this issue. The security system offered by Verkada helps to simplify enterprise access control. When a card user walks toward their company’s building, they can utilize touchless entry via a Bluetooth device. So rather than having to rummage around for a keycard that has a reference ID on it, your access will be granted from your Bluetooth device.

This Verkada Pass is your digital keycard to get inside buildings. This prevents any opportunity for someone to walk into the building behind you. Tailgate detection is also now available through Command’s web and app platforms. Command is a web-based platform that makes things simpler when managing devices at scale. Through this system, businesses can detect and filter for tailgating in real time. This is done across all sites. Using automation tools, the Verkada system can leverage data from door events and edge-based video analytics. This helps the system to produce an accurate people count, which can help to prevent tailgating in the future. Between Bluetooth apps allowing gate access, and web platforms that can track tailgating, technology exists that can help prevent this from occurring.

Preventing Tailgating

Though we’ve discussed how you can use technology to prevent tailgating, there are other ways to accomplish this. One way to prevent tailgating is to be aware of anyone who might follow you inside a building. This is especially true if you’re walking into restricted areas. In addition to this, try to bring attention to people who might be attempting to tailgate. Call them out to security.

You also don’t want to hold a door open for anyone to just walk inside. Sure, you want to be polite. You also don’t want to let anyone inside the building who isn’t supposed to be there. Have them enter using their key card, or Bluetooth access. Lastly, if you find that a door isn’t closing properly, give your supervisor and HR a heads up. These are the many ways that you can prevent tailgating.

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