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International Background Checks
International Background Checks

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International Background Checks: Focus on Mexico

One inevitable effect of today’s global marketplace is that employers will find themselves considering candidates for employment that have lived, studied, or worked outside the United States. Our neighbor to the south especially has the considerable talent to share. International employee background checks are essential to establishing and maintaining a safe workplace while still accessing the world’s best.

Partnering with a background check vendor that has experience with global background checks is a must. Domestic searches are sticky enough; taking a search worldwide requires considerable manpower and specialized know-how. For example, here are just a few things that are unique to applicants from Mexico:


US law requires that individuals provide written consent to a background check. Mexican law also requires consent but accepts tacit consent, meaning that if a citizen of Mexico receives notification that a background check is being requested and does not object, that can be considered consent. That said, it’s a good policy to obtain written consent from anyone, regardless of nationality, you plan to screen.


Your background check partner will usually verify, at minimum, the highest level of education a candidate receives. To a third-party screener, Mexican educational institutions will reveal dates and degrees but not grades. If you wish to see grades, you’ll need to have the applicant request them from the institution and send them directly to you. Many international background screening vendors will facilitate this for you.


It’s important to verify every candidate’s identity to make certain they are who they say they are. Mexican identity verifications go back one more step and ask for the mother’s maiden name because of the preponderance of certain surnames. In addition, E-verify and I-9 checks will ensure the applicant has a legal right to work in the United States.

Criminal Records

Mexican citizens applying to work in the US get the same protections as any other applicants, which means safeguards such as ban-the-box laws apply. Mexican criminal records are kept at the state level, and your background check vendor will need to have boots on the ground to visit the courthouse to obtain the needed records and experience with the language and laws of Mexico to interpret them. Digital criminal record searches in Mexico aren’t possible.

Motor Vehicle Reports

These records are readily available from Mexican courts, but understanding Mexican law and driving infractions are critical; otherwise, the report is meaningless.

Watch Lists

Checking to ensure a candidate doesn’t appear on any no-fly or terrorist watch lists is essential, regardless of the individual’s nationality.


For more information on running background checks on candidates from Mexico, talk to an experienced, professional background check vendor.

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