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How Website Hosting Works and Why You Need it?

Website hosting is an important factor to consider when starting a website. Here are some practical tips and advice about it.

One of the crucial aspects of owning a website is having a reliable web hosting which gives access to traffic. The best hosting server in India provides these services. We will discuss the types, benefits and what you can look for in a hosting company.

What is Website Hosting

Website hosting gives you a space to store the files for your website which can then be accessed later by a web browser which makes the website visible over the internet for the traffic.

Most companies do not have their own servers so renting server space makes a lot of sense. Servers are computers that always run without interruption. They have the necessary software and hardware to do the task of running websites.

How Web Hosting Works?

Computer servers store the files, databases, and media that make up your website.

The amount of storage you will have access to depends on the plan you will choose to have. At the start of your website, you will probably have to share your server with several other websites. However, when the traffic to your website starts to become heavier, you will likely need to rent a dedicated server and the resources of one.

You will also need a domain name which helps a browser know where your files are located.

Data Centers and Web Hosting

Data centers are the locations where the network of servers is found while web hosting refers to the service you get from website hosts.

Types of Web Hosting

Web hosts offer different types of services that cater to an extensive range of needs. The most common web hosting packages offered today include:

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most common type of web hosting for beginners and people who expect low traffic on their websites. The websites share the same physical server with several other websites which reduce the cost of getting access to the website.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting provides a dedicated server that you still use with others. You can use multiple different servers that act as a single server. They are cheaper and more flexible than fully dedicated servers.

Cloud Housing

This is a relatively new method of hosting. Cloud hosting allows for your website to be hosted on different platforms at the same time. In this form of web hosting, if one server overloads, the traffic to the server gets redirected to the other. This makes it highly reliable and flexible.

Dedicated Server Housing

This type of web housing provides exclusive physical server access. This makes it the most expensive of the host services. The dedicated server is good for websites that have constant heavy traffic or which require server configuration regularly. This may require a team of people who are very familiar with what they can do.

There is also managed to host where you pay the hosting team manage the server on your behalf.

Reasons Why Your Website Should be Hosted

You could host your website on your own but you would require a webmaster to build and run it which may be costlier than what it is worth.

Some of the reasons for hosting your own website is not a good idea includes:

  • Your internet speed is most likely not strong or fast enough.
  • If there is a blackout in your area for any reason, your website will go down as well.
  • You will need regular maintenance of your servers which will likely be expensive and slow. It will likely also take a long time during which your website will be down.
  • IP addresses can be changed by your internet service provider which is not suitable for a website.

Ways Web Hosting Companies Deal with Hosting Issues

  • They have power backups in case the electricity goes off.
  • Web hosts have incredible internet speeds that are constant to help keep the websites running
  • On hand maintenance staff and crew who keep the servers running at all times and fix them whenever they are not.
  • Web hosts have a static IP address
  • Web hosting is easier if you want safety and higher performance power

How to Choose a Web Host?

Some factors to take into account when choosing a web host include:

  • Make sure the host is within your budget and offers the services you require
  • Find a web host that can support the traffic you get to your site without crashing
  • The amount of storage space they offer for your website is sufficient
  • Ability to create an email for your domain
  • FTP which will give you the ability to upload from your computer to server directly
  • Quality Support Staff

The best hosting server in India provide all these factors and you can avail their reliable services to host your website.

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