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pre roll packaging
pre roll packaging


How to use paper to wrap a pre-roll?

Finding out which sort of rolling paper is right is quite a daunting task and not that easy as many think. There are thousands of rolling papers in the market, and learning about all of them is a real challenge for smokers. From choosing the appropriate paper to pre roll packaging, this article will be of great help to you. In this guide, we will introduce a few of the most important questions that you should ask yourself. Doing so will help you in making a perfect decision regarding the selection of the correct type of rolling paper. Besides, you will also come to know why packaging is important in this regard.

Choose an appropriate size:

The correct size of the pre-roll paper is dependent on two main factors. At first, the rolled smoke and secondly, whether you want to use a filter or not. The “one-size-fits-all” strategy does not work best here. The paper size should be determined after knowing which smoking style your customers love the most. If your target audience loves to smoke occasionally and is not regularly addicted, going with normal-sized papers is the best strategy. However, if they are addicted and like to party with their friends, then going with the larger papers would be the best option as they can be used to make huge smoke. These papers come in usually three most common sizes, i.e., single wide, double wide, and king size. As a general rule, a paper that is wider and longer is the best as it can fit inside easily and are good for rolling with a filter.

The weight must be considered:

The weight of the paper is usually referred to as its thickness. The method used to measure it varies across the market, but generally, you can divide it into three main categories, i.e., fine weight, medium weight, and standard weight. The fine is synonymous with the thinner. If you are opting for a fine or thinner paper, the target audience is less likely to feel the flavor of the paper during smoking. Contrary to it, if the rolling paper is thicker, it is easier to roll. But it has a side effect too, i.e., the customers might feel the taste of the paper more when smoking. Not just that, but the thicker paper is more prone to uneven burning, which can spoil the mood of people. With different varieties of rolling paper, it can be a hard task to decide which one you should choose. By determining what kind of smoking experience your target population wants, you can find the best rolling paper in this regard.

Select suitable materials:

When it comes to the selection of the right kind of rolling paper, the material from which it is made is the most important factor. Various kinds of materials are used in the manufacturing of this type of paper, i.e., wood pulp, flax, hemp, rice, etc. You need to know here that the thinner materials burn quickly and smoothly while producing less ash. The rice papers are thinner and are a perfect choice if your target audience wants a smooth inhaling experience. However, the hemp and wood pulp papers are generally thicker. They also offer a smooth burning process, so; you should not be concerned about losing too much weed in the burning process. If your target customer base wants thick and organic paper, then going with the hemp material is an excellent choice.

Why is packaging necessary?

Most of the modern-day audience is getting attracted and addicted to smoking weed. It has become the fashion of the day, and life without smoking weed looks dull and boring. Different papers of varied sizes, thicknesses, and materials are used by the customers, which fits perfectly with the smoking experience they want. The paper is usually a thinner material used for smoking the weed, which helps in the smooth inhaling of the weed. As a result, a larger and denser smoke is produced, which is loved by the people smoking weed. As the paper is prone to external damage, you need something which can protect it from getting damaged. The use of pre roll boxes is useful in this regard. This is because they can counterattack all the externally damaging elements thus, ensuring the ultimate protection of your fragile content. The custom pre roll packaging is made from cardboard due to which is extremely durable and secures your weed wrapped in rolling paper.

In a nutshell, this brief guide will help you in the selection of the right kind of rolling paper and pre roll packaging. The rolling papers are made from different kinds of materials and come in various sizes and weights. All you need to do is to determine which kind of smoking experience you want to offer your clients and choose the paper accordingly. In the end, pre-roll packages are important for the security of pre-rolls wrapped in the paper.

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