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How to Style Your Boho Tops
How to Style Your Boho Tops


How to Style Your Boho Tops

Bohemian-style clothing is not dead. There are a lot of boho tops being sold that prove this. Boho-style clothing is usually characterised by long and flowy skirts, blouses, and dresses inspired by the free-spirit lifestyle of the 60s to 70s. When worn right, the outfit tends to be colourful.

Boho tops vary in designs and colour, and there are some people who believe that it is difficult to style. However, styling your bohemian-style tops to make it look vibrant and sophisticated is not difficult when you have these pieces of clothing in your wardrobe:

Printed Jacket

These days bohemian-style tops tend to be plain, but this should not be a problem because wearing a printed jacket over it would give you a chic vibe. So whether you choose to wear this when going on a brisk walk at the park or on a Sunday night out with friends, you will always look fresh and free.

Structured Blazer

A structured blazer is not only perfect for a #GirlBoss vibe, but it is also perfect to pair with a boho blouse. So if you want to achieve that sophisticated look, throw on a structured blazer with monotone colours, and you are good to go. You can wear this on any occasion.

Pleated Pants

Everything goes well with pleated pants, especially if you pair them with a boho-style blouse. Not only does it give that summer look, but it also gives that suave vibe. It is perfect for people who wish to look vibrant on a sweltering summer day.

Flared Jeans

Flared jeans paired with a boho blouse? A wild match, but a classic. You are staying true to its origin in the 60s and 70s when you wear this pair. You are sure to attract second glances because of how chic it would look on you.

High Waist Jeans

Nothing goes wrong with high waist jeans, especially if you pair them with a bohemian top. Since most boho-style blouses are flowy, pairing them with tight high waist jeans would highlight your features. This match is perfect to wear on a busy day full of errands or a vacation on the beach.

Artsy Accessories

You don’t have to lean on your clothes when you want to achieve that bohemian vibe. Throw in some accessories to complete your outfit.

Adding fringe earrings are perfect for a pair of boho blouses and pleated pants because it would accentuate your collarbone and your jaw as the earrings dangle when you move. You may also pair your outfit with accessories that match the earth tone, such as green, brown, gold, or blue.

The best accessories for bohemian-style outfits, however, are handmade, crocheted, and tie-dyed jewelleries. Bohemian-style clothing is unique in itself. It is why the more unique your accessories are, the better it would be.


Hollywood stars inspired the boho trend and people are mirroring how they style their bohemian-vibe outfits. However, adding your touch to it will give authenticity to your outfit. Styling your bohemian tops is not difficult when you have the right clothes and accessories to pair them with. Just as bohemian clothes started from the free vibe it brings, you are free to mix and match it with what you deem best.

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