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How to Stop Pests From Nesting in Your New Furniture
How to Stop Pests From Nesting in Your New Furniture

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How to Stop Pests From Nesting in Your New Furniture

Furniture is the centrepiece of every room. Sofa sets make your living room beautiful, while beds are essential furniture for your bedroom. Unfortunately, furniture is an excellent hiding spot for pests, especially cockroaches and termites. If you do not curb the spread of the pests, it can turn into a full-blown infestation. Luckily, you can prevent those pesky crawlers from making your furniture their home. Here are tips to prevent pests from nesting in your furniture.

Clean New Furniture Regularly

Dust and dirt attract bugs to your couch. Therefore, you should ensure your furniture is clean by regular vacuuming. Remove any food crumbs and dirt that will make it conducive for pests to infest and breed. When vacuuming, pay attention to the cracks and crevices of your sofa to pick up any eggs laid by pests. Removing the eggs reduces their chances of multiplying and spreading to other furniture in the house. If you see any infestation signs, like pest droppings on your furniture, you should deal with the pests immediately. For instance, you can steam the coach to destroy any pests or eggs in the living room and bedroom furniture.

Protect Your Furniture From Moisture

Moisture in your furniture can invite termites and cockroaches to your home. Wooden furniture is the perfect nesting spot for termites since they feed on wood. If you want to keep the creepers away, you should avoid cleaning your furniture using water or liquid cleaner. Instead of using water, dust the furniture with a dry towel or microfiber cloth. Vacuuming is the best cleaning method since it does not leave any moisture and removes all the dirt. In case of water spillage, ensure you remove all the moisture from the surface and dry thoroughly.

Use Wood Polishes

Wooden furniture is a pest infestation victim since they serve as pest food, and the crawlers can burrow into the wood and find a hiding spot. Treating your wood furniture will prolong their lives by reducing the chances of cracking. You can use a coat of wax or an oil-based varnish to form a protective layer. A hard and glossy polish preserves the furniture and creates a tough layer that the termites cannot crack. If your house is prone to termite infestation, you can use a polish with termite-resistant properties.

Apply Olive Oil and White Vinegar

When you buy new furniture, you need to apply pest repellents to avoid infestation. A mixture of olive oil and white vinegar creates an excellent repellent for wooden furniture. Prepare the solution with four parts of olive oil and one part of white vinegar and spread the mixture evenly on your furniture using a spray bottle. It will repel any pests from burrowing your furniture.

Rub Aloe Vera Gel on Wooden Pieces

Aloe Vera protects your furniture from pests by creating a barrier that pests will not cross. The gel will come in handy when preventing termite infestation. You can make the gel by crushing the Aloe Vera leaves and rubbing them on your wooden furniture. Other natural oils like neem oil or orange oil can also act as repellents to the creepers. Neem oil and orange oil contain substances that kill and destroy termites.

Use Borax

Applying borax solution can kill any pests and prevent infestation. Borate acid is a natural insecticide that is effective in preventing pests. Using a little solution on your furniture will repel pests. However, you must be careful when handling borax since it releases harmful gases. Wear a mask when preparing the mixture and clean up thoroughly after applying the solution.

Pest Control

It is crucial to carry out pest extermination regularly, even when your furniture is new. Apart from checking for infestation, Excel Pest Control services can provide preventive measures. They can come up with strategies to keep your furniture new and pest-free. Some pests often go undetected, especially if they hide inside the furniture, but a pest extermination expert can identify any infestation sign.
Preventing pest infestation should be a priority, especially if your home is prone to crawlers. Apart from sealing all the entrances to minimise pests’ entry into the house, you should also follow the tips above to keep your furniture in perfect shape.


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