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How To Save The Water
How To Save The Water


How To Save The Water

Water is one of the major problems in recent days. Many people don’t even have water for the basic necessities. Let us see some interesting ways on how to save the water.

1. Close the tap when not in Use: 

Many people show some carelessness in closing the tap. They simply open the tap, use the tap for their requirement and simply leave without closing the tap or leave without closing the tap in a proper manner.

This should be completely avoided and each and every individual should take responsibility for this.

Note: Future generation will suffer a lot and who knows your grandchildren or your children may even suffer one day.

It’s our responsibility to keep resources for our future generation.

Improper closing of the tap should be completely stopped. If you found a problem with a tap, make sure to replace them instantly without fail.

Improper closing of taps

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2. Rain Water Harvesting: 

Rain Water Harvesting is the best way to save rainwater. Each and every house should have a separate sink for saving the rainwater. If space is not available, use your balcony, terrace or underground.

In developed countries, many use a motor pump to lift the water to their tank for flexible use of water supply. This should be increased in more and more houses.

Water from the roofs also can be collected and stored in a storage yard for the later. The storage Yard should be closed to prevent the evaporation of the water during the summer time.

Rain Water Harvesting

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3. Promoting Reverse Osmosis: 

Reverse Osmosis is one of the best ways for water scarcity problems.

It is the process of converting sea water into fresh water suitable for domestic purposes. Many countries use this method to eliminate water scarcity problems.

RO Plants should be installed more in the coastal area. RO treated water can be used for drinking purposes.

The following are some of the Drawbacks involved in Installing the Reverse Osmosis plant:

  • The Cost of Installation is very high.
  • RO Process also eliminates the essentials minerals in the water.
  • UV Process is also needed for this.
  • Maintenance cost is high.
  • Corrosion highly affects performance.

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4. Recycle the Water: 

Water Recycling is also the best way to use water at its maximum.

The water from the domestic wastes can be diverted to the plants and trees which in turn gives a benefit.

Usually, the domestic waste contains some manure which is necessary for the plant’s growth. So the water from the vegetable waste can be diverted to the garden area.

Note: The Solid Vegetable Waste can be stored in the compost pit which is really the best option. 

Advantages of Water Recycling: 

  • Promotes the growth of plants.
  • Keep the groundwater level stable.
  • Provide us good air.
  • Brings rainfall.

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5. Plant more saplings: 

Each and every individual should plant more and more saplings every year.

For the best practise, events should be conducted to promote Afforestation.

Nowadays, governments are providing free saplings for all. If you need more information on gardening and agriculture, go to nearby horticulture board and discuss with them

The horticultural board even provide you free saplings.

Advantages of planting more saplings: 

  • Plants and trees play a major role in preventing soil erosion.
  • It creates a home for many faunae.
  • Helps to keep the water cycle stable.
  • Brings rainfall and fill water resources like ponds, lakes, and reservoirs.

Awareness Programs should be conducted in schools, colleges, and public places.

Here are the useful links of the Horticultural Department of few countries. I will update the remaining countries as soon as I get the update from someone.

India: National Horticultural Board

The United States Of America:  United States Department of Agriculture

Australia: Horticulture Victoria

Canada: Agriculture and Agri-food Canada

Japan: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery

Germany: German Horticultural Library

UK: Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board

Nigeria: National Horticultural Research Institute

New Zealand: Horticulture New Zealand

If you have some interesting ideas on How to save the water, do share with us.













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