How to save the electricity | Easy methods to follow

Save the electricity

Electricity became a major part of everyone’s life. It’s high time for each and everyone to save the electricity for the future generation so I decided to share ideas on How to save the electricity.

I am writing this post for individual perspective as the plans like switching to natural resources depend on the country’s internal affair but each and every individual can be an integral part of the revolution.

The following are the ways, each and every individual can follow to create a better future for the upcoming generations.

1. Use LED bulbs: 

If you are using fluorescent bulbs, replace them with LED bulbs. LED bulbs consume less power when compared to Fluorescent bulbs. The lifetime of a Fluorescent bulb is low when compared with LED bulbs. So switching to LED bulbs can also save your money on lighting.

Also, the LED bulbs are available in various sizes and colors but in case of Fluorescent bulbs, it is limited. LED bulbs can provide better brightness for several years and in case of LED failure, it can be replaced by other LED’s.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) has more benefits than the Fluorescent Bulbs, so every individual can replace the Fluorescent bulbs with a Light Emitting Diode.

2. Switch off Unnecessary appliances:

Switching OFF the Unnecessary electrical appliances can save a lot of electricity, Just do math for an year and how much bills you can save.

For example, A ceiling fan or an Air conditioner can be switched “OFF” when not in use. By properly switching “ON” and Switching “OFF” we can save a lots of resource, effort and of course money.

Note: Somewhere, Someone don’t have an electricity access in the world.

3. Install Solar Panel for Domestic use:  

This is one of the most important point in “How to save the electricity”.

One time investment can provide you an uninterrupted power supply for several years. It would ultimately reduce the bill which you are paying for an electricity board.

During any transformer failure or any other issues from Distribution side, you can still use power.

Overall a benefit only after installing a Solar Panel.

To know more about solar power generation, click here.

4. Properly ON , OFF Electric Heater :

If you are using Electric heater for bathing, make sure to switch OFF within few minutes usually 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

Don’t be careless and make it “ON” for more minutes. This can also help you reduce your monthly electric bills.

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5. Upgrade to latest gadgets:

Some older model devices can consume more powers like portable computers/televisions. Upgrading to latest LED model (in case of Computer/televisions) can really help you save power.

This is applicable for all other electrical appliances and electronic devices.

Hope this post on “How to save the electricity” would provided you some interesting methods. Do comment your ideas on the comment section.

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