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How to remove CPU temperature of the Laptop
How to remove CPU temperature of the Laptop

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How to remove CPU temperature of the Laptop

Why do you prefer buying a laptop over a desktop? Simple, your laptop is portable and lets you do anything that a desktop offers but at the cost of killing portability. The other face of the coin is, your laptop packs the same specs or features in a tiny chassis that a desktop packs in a spacious room. The cost of that portability is excessive heat.

Yes, heat is one of the negative aspects laptops receive lots of criticism.

Could this heat of the laptop eradicate? Are there any preventive measures by following those we could get a longer lifespan of a laptop as extra heats melt the vital parts of the laptops and shrink its lifespan?

In this guide, we are going to tell you about the tips by following which you would be able to get your laptop cooled down and enjoy lag-free, consistent processing.

Methods to remove the excessive heat from a laptop

  1. Clean the Air Pathways

One of the most important and often neglected parts is the air pathways of the laptops get clogged due to dust and debris.

In laptops, we see the vents or holes are smaller than on desktops. We can’t put air-filters due to the limited space, that’s why it is important to clean the clogged air pathways once a year.

If you can afford professional servicing, that’s the best option.

Or you can get an air compressor and blow air into the vents until there is no dust coming out of the vents.

Professional servicing is recommended as they open the lid and do it professionally, and clean all the clogged vents or air-ways on par satisfaction. But air blowing through the air compressor is enough to open all the clogged vents.

  1. Use your laptop on a flat surface

In our laziness, we more than often use laptops in our bed. Laptops on the blankets and beds get the exhausting vents that drew the cool air inside the laptop’s chassis. That blockage increases the internal temperature and if you are into handling complex computing tasks, due to the heat you may get your laptop automatic shut-down due to heat.

So, use a laptop on a flat surface. That will prevent blocking of the pathways and make your laptop’s automatic cooling system work efficiently. The blower or the fan will be able to work accordingly, to make you never get a heated laptop.

  1. Cooling pads

Cooling pads or cooler is an efficient method to cool your laptop down if it is exposed to too much heat. If you are a gamer and play lots of games you must get a cooling pad onboard. You can easily draw cool air inside the vents to make the inside temperature optimal for the laptop.

These cooling pads are not that expensive, you can buy one with a spend of a few dollars.

Expensive laptops often come with a dedicated cooling system, their vents or heating pipes are spread to wider surfaces to remove the heat from the system to keep the temperature minimal.

  1. Do not use your laptop direct in the sunlight.

If you are a frequent mover and have to use your laptop outdoor, try not to use it directly in the sunlight.

In sunlight your laptop will be exposed to too much external heat, the inside plastic chips or wraps may get melted resulting in permanent damage.

Or the inside heat and outside heat may accumulate into more heat that can make the internal temperature of the system reach thermal throttling resulting the permanent damage to the most important organs of the system.

So, try to use your laptop in the shade, where there is no sunlight contact.

  1. Check your laptops’ fans are working

If you hear no fans noise (if you got a fanless laptop, that’s not for you), inspect your laptops’ fans and check whether or not they are working.

If they are not working, then there is bad news for you. If you do not get them fixed as quickly as possible and you have to handle complex multi-threading computing, you might see your laptop gets brutally damaged very soon.

Get the fans fixed as soon as possible, as they would not be removing the excessive heat produced during the multi-thread computing or processing.

Final thoughts

Many other methods help you out in fixing the excessive heat of your laptop. But the mentioned five are the best, if you follow these tips, I am sure you would not get your laptop turned off automatically due to excessive heat produced.

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